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Administration of the Courts
Administration of the Courts

The Registrar and Master of the High Court is the Chief Executive Officer of the Administration of Justice (AOJ).  He is assisted by the Deputy, Senior Assistant and Assistant Registrars.  The Administration of Justice has four (4) major divisions namely Legal, Judicial, Master’s and General.
Generally the Registrar’s office performs functions summarized below. (Quasi Judicial Functions);

   1. Management of court case
   2. Assessment of damages
   3. Taxation of bill of costs
   4. Assessment of whether a litigant is a pauper
   5. Assessment of security for costs
   6. Granting Default Judgment
   7. Drafting and signing of Court orders
   8. Sheriff’s functions
   9. Magistrate’s affairs
  10. Administration of Oaths for legal practitioners
  11. Accounting officer of the Judiciary
  12. Master’s functions