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Corporate Services


The corporate services management division of the DCEC is responsible for the overall day to day running of the Directorate.  It ensures that DCEC’s human, physical and financial resources are managed in an effective and efficient manner to provide the necessary support to the core functions.


1. Human Resources-responsible for the recruitment, training and welfare of officers
2. Office Operations- responsible for the day to day administrative running of the organization
3. Accounts- responsible for the management of financial transactions of the DCEC, both the recurrent and development funds
4. Supplies- responsible for proper procurement and management of government assets
5. Transport-responsible for the fleet of the organization
6. Records management-tasked with proper filing and maintenance of records and administrative information flow
7. Public relations unit - The liaison office between the DCEC, the media and other stakeholders.
8. HIV/AIDS Coordination office- responsible for dispensing all HIV?AIDS initiatives and amneties within the DCEC
9. Maintenance-responsible for the management of DCEC office and residential accommodation, the development and maintenance thereof.