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Investigate allegations of corruption and economic crime plus issues of suspicious transactions. When sufficient evidence has been collected in an investigation, the file is submitted to the Directorate of Public Prosecutions for assessment and prosecution.

Under the Investigation Division, there is the Intelligence unit that receives reports from members of the public and other sources of information. These reports are then collated and summarized for classification by a Board comprising the Director, Deputy Director, Head of Intelligence, Head of Investigations and Head of Legal Services. The Intelligence Unit also provides technical support to the investigators.

The unit has a significant role in the analysis of information that is received and stored in the DCEC database. This information is turned into intelligence which is used by decision makers at the tactical, operational and strategic levels. Intelligence gathering is more like completing a jigsaw puzzle and it involves the process of collection of information, evaluation of same to determine the relevance and value of the information, collation - to group the information together, analysis to establish relationships or links as well as interpretation and perceptiveness to make sense of the emerging picture and trends and to fill in any gaps.   

Intelligence gathering assists law enforcement agencies on a daily basis as information gathered can be used in target development, tactical investigations and in preparing strategic assessments.  For example, intelligence can be used to direct a tactical investigation into a money laundering case, to advice ministries or departments in a strategic assessment based on high statistics of reported cases and to investigate the corrupt activities of employees of public bodies. This unit also houses a sub unit called the Technical Support Unit. This unit is responsible in assisting and supporting the operations of the DCEC through the use of technical equipment to augment collection of evidence.

The other unit under the Investigation Division is the Legal Services. The unit assists by analyzing evidence contained in dossiers forwarded to them on completion of investigations and then send the files to the Directorate of Public Prosecutions.