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Police Clearance Certificate




Police Clearance Certificate is an official document prepared by the Police after vetting of vehicles and persons.

Obtaining Vehicle Clearance

Bring the following to designated Police Stations:

1.    Vehicle to be cleared

2.    Original documents pertaining to the vehicle plus two copies

3.    National Identity Card or passport


For new vehicles bring one of the following documents:

1.    Invoice   

2.    Invoice and SARPCCO clearance certificate

3.    Invoice and SARPCCO clearance certificate and Registration Book

4.    Invoice and Registration Book 


For second hand Motor Vehicles bring the following documents:


  SARPCCO Countries


1.    Registration Book and SARPCCO clearance certificate (Foreigners)

2.    Invoice, SARPCCO clearance certificate, Registration Book (Batswana and Temporary residents)

SARPCCO Clearance Certificate is valid for three months. After the expiry date a new certificate has to be requested from the originating country by the applicant.


Non SARPCCO Countries



   Bill of lading (Imports. e.g. Japan, Singapore etc)


How do I apply for the service by mail?


 Currently the service is not provided by mail


 Costs involved in obtaining the service.


 Currently the service is free


Where can I find the service?


  The service can be obtained from the following Police Stations:


1.  Serious Crime Squad

P.O. Box 1082


Tel:         (+267) 3956999/3952531/3911892


2.  Woodhall Police Station

P.O. Box 89


Tel:         (+267) 5333012


3.  Mahalapye Police Station

P.O. Box 31


Tel:         (+267) 4710222


4.    Serowe Police Station

 P.O. Box 255


 Tel:        (+267) 4630222


5.  Criminal Investigation Department (North)

P.O. Box 91


Tel:         (+267) 2423000


6.  Selebi Phikwe Police Station

P.O. Box 15

Selebi Phikwe

Tel:         (+267) 2610301


7.  Maun Police Station

P. O. Box 7


Tel:         (+267) 6860034


8.  Kasane Police Station

P. O. Box 1


Tel:         (+267) 6250326


9.  Gantsi Police Station

P. O. Box 26


Tel:         (+267) 6596222


10. Tsabong Police Station

P. O. Box 3


Tel:    (+267) 6540423


Business Hours


Monday to Friday


0730 hours – 1245 hours                

1345 hours – 1630 hours


The service is not available during weekends and public holidays.


Where can I find more information?



Serious Crime Squad

        P.O. Box 1082


        Tel: (+267) 3956999/3952531/3911892