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The Botswana Police Service will strive towards creating a national road network environment where all road users in Botswana are as safe as possible when using the roads. We will achieve this by working as a team with our stakeholders and the community by contributing to the national road safety strategy by enforcing the traffic laws of Botswana, facilitating the free and orderly flow of traffic, and assisting in education of road users.

Many external factors influence road deaths and injuries. Population changes, growth in travel and tourism, freight movements, the economy, unemployment and regional differences in each category all have road safety implications. New developments and implementation of initiatives continue to take place in Botswana’s Road Traffic Safety and management arena. There are notable strides (new and old) from various quarters such as;

  • Leadership from Government.
  • Community Involvement and Participation.
  • Major Agency Participation (Department of Roads, Department of Road Transport and Safety, the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund and other private sector partners with interest on road safety matters.

Most of these initiatives are driven by a combination of educational and promotional campaigns, road infrastructure improvements, road legislation reviews and enforcement, research and participation. The Road Traffic Act (Cap 69.01) however, remains the major road safety instrument in use by the Botswana Police Service. Over the years it has undergone a number of piece-meal reviews in both the main component and regulations with the view to modernizing it and making it responsive to the latest developments in the road transport and policing environment obtaining currently obtaining in Botswana.