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About the Department of Agricultural Research (DAR)

The overall mandate of the Department of Agricultural Research is to generate, through research, improved crop and livestock production technologies to promote the development of a productive and environment friendly agricultural sector. The department addresses this through commodity and factor focused programmes in arable, animal and range research.

The department also carries out research support services in seed production and certification, soil, plant and feed analysis and genetic resource conservation. These services are available to researchers and other clients under special conditions.


We at the Department of Agricultural Research, commit ourselves to be a center of excellence in developing appropriate and environmental friendly agricultural technologies and conservation of agricultural resources in support of sustainable and competitive agriculture to contribute to food security, poverty alleviation and socio-economic growth, in partnership with stakeholders.


Our mission is to identify, develop and promote innovative and appropriate technologies that will enable our customers to optimize productivity through:

  • Efficient utilization of agricultural resources
  • The use of improved genetic resources
  • Good agricultural management practices

We will achieve this mission through? team?work, collaborative effort, dedication, motivation and a well resourced research environment."

Divisions of the Department of Agricultural Research

The Animal Production and Range Research Division (APRRD) undertakes research, development and technology transfer to the benefit of the livestock industry in Botswana. The Division conducts research mainly on development and improvement of cattle, sheep, goats, range and pasture. There are five programs namely Beef, Dairy, Small stock, Feeds and Range and Pastures.

Program areas

  1. Beef
  2. Dairy
  3. Small stock
  4. Feeds
  5. Range and Pasture

The division has a mandate of conducting research on crops of importance to the farming system of Botswana as well as those with potential for diversifying the production base. The focus is on agronomic and breeding aspects and all the other components that provide a holistic approach to production. The division operates through six commodity based programmes and as much as possible incorporates an integrated approach to problem solving. Major achievements in recent years include release of improved varieties of the different crops, management practices and pest and disease control protocols as illustrated under the different programmes below. Two publications for use as reference material are also available:- 1. A Guide To Weeds of Botswana and 2. Field Crops Reference handbook for Botswana.

The Support Services Division has the mandate to provide its internal and external stakeholders with research support services from its units and sections listed below. Other responsibilities include management of regional agricultural research stations, and implementation of government reforms which are Performance Management System (PMS), Work Improvement Teams (WITS), and HIV/AIDS.