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Student Placement and Welfare
Department of Student Placement and Welfare

The Department of Student Placement and Welfare of the Ministry of Education is operating within the context of the overall objective of the Ministry of Education, namely to prepare Batswana for useful and productive lives, with emphasis on training to meet the manpower needs of the economy

The department is charged with the responsibility of providing financial assistance to pre-service, post senior secondary education and training in order to produce the technical and professional manpower needed by the entire economy in the form of loans through the grant/loan scheme..

The department further administers scholarships and students on training. It currently administers over 90% of the students at the University of Botswana, Botswana College of Agriculture, Institute of Health Sciences, Secondary Colleges of Education, Primary Colleges of Education, Botswana Accountancy College, Botswana Institute of Administration and Commerce, Roads Training Centre, Vocational Training. It also sponsors and administers students in other accredited institutions regionally and overseas.

Youth Anti-Drugs Committees

On recognizing the rate at which the youth are actively involved in crime, The Botswana Police Service have initiated collaborations between the police and schools in an attempt to fight crime affecting the youth. School children are encouraged to join these anti-crime clubs where they can freely discuss the negative impacts of the proliferation of weapons and drugs offences.

The youths are encouraged to note all toll free numbers so that they could be able to interact with the police in case they witness the unlawful possession of handguns by colleagues and other persons.

Probation and After Care Services

This unit deals with children who are in conflict with law and have been either placed on probation or committed to the School of Industries. For children who have been committed to the School of Industries, they are assisted to settle back into the community upon their release from the School of Industries (Ikago Center).

The unit is also trying to establish programmes for ex adult prisoners, though this is at an infancy stage. The purpose for this programme is to assist the adult ex convicts to settle into the community by starting their own businesses so as to make them self-sustaining.

The purpose for the programme is to prepare the families and the community to accept ex prisoners back into the community and to help them cope with life outside the prison by connecting them with employment agencies and starting their own businesses.

School of Industries

This institution is located in Molepolole. It is a rehabilitation Center for juvenile offenders. The school offers the following trades, Carpentry, Buildings, Welding and fabrication, and Motor Mechanics. The trainees are also provided with psycho social support for emotional enrichment.

These are children who are aged between 14 years and 18 years. They can stay at the institution until they turn 21 years. The School of Industries, Ikago Center admits juveniles who have committed offences that would otherwise warrant prison sentence, but because they are still young and growing they need to be protected from hard core criminals that are committed to the prisons. It has been established that some of these juveniles commit offences due to low economic status in their families or lack of parental guidance, hence the need to provide rehabilitation to mould their characters to become responsible citizens. The institution currently admits boys only.