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Youth and Corruption
DCEC Engages Youth in Corruption Battle

The youth have been urged to take issues of corruption very seriously because they affect the economy.

The focus of the workshop was Youth against corruption for a better future. The objectives of the workshop were to build a disciplined youth and inculcate in them a sense of accountability and responsibility in line with Vision 2016. Other objectives include the creation of a future workforce free from corruption and economic crime and to improve the youth understanding of ethics and morality. Topics discussed included team building, project management, conduct of meetings and capacity building. Students from various schools among others, Selepa CJSS from Francistown, Moshupa and Naledi senior secondary schools participated in the workshop

How the Youth Defines Corruption

Students from Junior and Secondary schools throughout the country were asked to describe in their own words what corruption is. Their answers is a living proof of how corruption is regarded by our children & youth.

Raboammaaruri Campaign for Primary School Pupils

Raboammaaruri campaign for primary school pupils is a program directed at inculcating the spirit of moral uprightness in children at their tender age. The campaign is by way of a mascot that preaches honesty and accountability, and is intended to instill values of honesty and integrity in primary school pupils through-out the country. Plans ae underway to review Rra Boammaaruri to check whether it was achieving the desired results. Negotiations to include Rra Boammaaruri in the syllabus of an examinable primary school subject are continuing with the Ministry of Education.

Anti-Corruption Clubs

The clubs run in both junior and senior secondary schools. Their main objectives are for the youth to disseminate anti-corruption information to their peers, to participate meaningfully in social and economic activities and to improve the youth understanding of ethics. The activities of the clubs culminate in an annual congress at the end of the year at which clubs share experiences with a view to assisting each other to run the clubs effectively