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Domboshaba principally consists of dry stonewalls. It was occupied towards the end of the Great Zimbabwe period (1250-1450AD). It was a regional centre in the Khami phase (1450-1690AD. The first part of the site is on hilltop. The second part is at a lower level, on a valley. There are six enclosures on the hill and one at the lower level. It is believed that the chief lived on the hilltop with some of his assistants. His wives probably lived on the southern side in a big enclosure with a lot of daga floor structures. Domboshaba is a sacred site for local communities. There are annual ceremonies conducted at the site. Excavations there have revealed imported Chinese porcelain goods, which were probably given to chiefs as gifts. The items indicate that Domboshaba was part of the Eastern coast trade network going as far as Mozambique. Therefore this site was a major catalyst in state formation in the region.

Driving Directions:

Domboshaba is located in the Northeast District. To get there you need to go to Francistown. Take the Francistown-Nata Road. Turn east at Sebina junction. Follow signboards to Kalakalamti village. Just before approaching Masunga village, there is a signboard indicating the location of the site.