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Mamuno Monument (Kangumene Rock Engravings)
Mamuno Monument (Kangumene Rock Engravings)
Engravings that occur at Kangumene include foot prints (animal and human), handprints, geometric designs (line, grid and oval) and weapons. They are similar to those found at Olifanskloof (Xanagas). Grooves similar to those created from sharpening knives and spears are also found at Olifanskloof farm.At present, there are only five petroglyphs sites known in western Botswana, all located near Mamuno. These are similar to a number of engravings that have been studied in Namibia. However, they are ambiguous, unlike those in Namibia, which are mostly trance based. The art found at the Mamuno sites is distinct from the Shamanistic form found in eastern Botswana. The engravings have a high tourism value because of their location near the border post.

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Mamuno Monument (Kangumene Rock Engravings) is located at the Ghanzi District, about 5 kilometres northwest of the Mamuno border post. There are also engravings behind the Customs and Immigration staff houses.