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Applications are invited from suitably qualified Professional Accountants to fill the position of a Project Specialist (Transition from Cash to Accrual Basis of Accounting Project) under the Office of Accountant General. The post is tenable at Ministry of Finance and Economic Development -Gaborone.


 DURATION: The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development requires the services of a Project Specialist for a period of two (2)  years with the possibility of renewal contingent upon need.


Candidates should have at least an Accounting degree plus a professional qualification such as CIPFA, ACCA, CIMA, CA, ICSA or equivalent, and knowledge on International Public Sector Accounting Standards.


The person who fills this position should have at least sixteen (16) years post qualification with the necessary skills, competencies and experience in the accountancy field. These should include;

  • Knowledge, practical application and implementation of International Public Sector Accounting Standards;
  • Knowledge of Financial Management Information Systems and their Architecture; 
  • The ability and authority to engage with stakeholders;
  • Previous experience of delivering multiple change/transformational projects successfully;
  • The ability to manage complexity and uncertainty; 
  • Effective management skills across hierarchies;
  • Setting high standards for quality of work and achieving  project  goals;
  • Demonstrating and Sharing detailed technical knowledge and expertise; and
  • Coordinating Project Team activities and ensuring that roles within the team are clear.


The Project Specialist is the technical lead for the transition from Cash to Accrual basis of accounting project, with the ability to guide the successful implementation of the project and ensure realisation of intended outcomes and benefits. The position holder has overall strategic and operational management responsibility for the transition implementation process. He/she is responsible for managing all technical activities of the project management team, and overseeing all project consultants and contractors to ensure that contracts and agreements are executed accordingly. In addition, the Project Specialist will work closely with stakeholders across government and government entities on matters related to the transition from cash to accrual basis of accounting.


 The Project Specialist will be responsible for, but not limited, to the following: 

  1. Planning, directing, coordinating and leading activities of the Transition from cash to accrual accounting project to ensure that objectives and all elements of the Transition Roadmap are accomplished within the prescribed timeframe and funding parameters within the contract term;
  2. Monitoring and tracking performance against agreed plans and taking corrective action required to meet defined objectives; 
  3. Establishing the quality standards and identifying the ways of ensuring quality assurance; 
  4. Interpreting reporting requirements covered by the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) and their application to Botswana Government circumstances;
  5. Developing in-house expertise on IPSAS application; 
  6. Reviewing financial information resulting from policy and procedure implementations for compliance;
  7. Identifying system and procedure implications, solutions and changes arising from required policy positions; 
  8. Establishing work plan and staffing for each phase of the project ,   identifying the roles, responsibilities, scope of authority and reporting relationships among the project team members; 
  9. Reviewing status reports prepared by project team for presentation to the sponsor; 

10. Identifying and solving potential problems to enhance project efficiency and effectiveness; 

11. Determining the communication needs of different stakeholders and ways to address them;

12. Risk identification, assessment and analysis for purposes of establishing mitigation measures;

13. Reviewing, refining and improving the Chart of Accounts and budget classification in accordance with IPSAS and Government Finance Statistics Manual (GFSM) 2014 requirements. 

14. Provide guidance on the implementation of the Public Asset Management Policy.

15. Working closely with other teams and advisers providing assistance under the Public Finance Management Reform Programme (PFMRP), to ensure that the project activities are fully consistent with, and link to the overall PFMRP.


  1. Management control of the project; ensuring that the appropriate structures, resources and information systems are in place for delivery of the project, including a business case. 
  2. Financial control of the project; ensuring that the appropriate structures, resources and information are in place to deliver the project within budget. 
  3. Stakeholder Engagement; ensuring that appropriate structures, resources and information are in place to engage with key individuals and organisations, so that delivery is supported effectively.
  4. Risk Management; ensuring that the appropriate structures, resources and information systems are in place to identify and address risk, with appropriate escalation procedures. 
  5. Resource Management for the project; ensuring that the appropriate people and skills are in place.
  6. Benefits Management; Planning for measurable benefits and ensuring that appropriate structures, resources and information systems are in place to identify benefits accurately and to manage their delivery

KEY COMPETENCIES                    

a)    Strategic agility 

b)   Decision making

c)    Creativity

d)   Planning

e)    Integrity and trust

f)     Adaptability

g)   collaboration

h)   Managing and Measuring Work

i)     Time Management

j)     Drive For Results

k)    Action Oriented

l)     Analytical thinking


a)    Brief summary of career with duties performed (Curriculum Vitae) indicating present position and date of appointment thereto. 

b)   Certified copies of certificates, two (2) work related references.  

c)    Kindly contact the following for questions relating to the advert; or and 3636370, 3636356 respectively. 

Applications should be addressed to: The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Private Bag 008, Gaborone or hand delivered to Office No. 231 Link Block Building

Closing Date: 26th May 2017

N.B: Applicants who do not meet the requirements of this position will not be responded to.