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Inclusiveness critical to economy
Inclusiveness critical to economy

An official from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development has called for inclusive participation in growing the country’s economy.

Officiating during the Public Private Partnership (PPP) capacity building workshop in Gaborone on Wednesday, the deputy secretary development programmer Mr Boniface Mphetlhe said in 2000 government took a deliberate decision through the privatisation policy to facilitate sector participation in the economy.

Mr Mphetlhe mentioned that the idea of PPP was borne out of the desire to raise funding as well as to improve efficiency in the delivery of projects. This he said also included provision of a clear guidance to procuring public infrastructure and services.
He said implementation of projects through traditional or conventional approach had not led to desired outputs in all cases.

He stated that as Botswana’s economy developed over the years, projects became bigger and more complex, citing power and roads projects in response to the need to increase the power generating capacity and the increasing traffic volumes on the roads respectively.

“Other than complexity, such projects require alternative funding in the face of competing demands on the budget,” he said.
Mr Mphetlhe however stated that Botswana’s journey to implement more projects and build capacity had not been a smooth one mainly due to the resource constraints that were experienced at the time of the financial crisis of 2008. ENDS