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How to report Crime
How to report Crime

A five minute delay can ruin the chances of apprehending a suspect. It is very important to call immediately.


  • Eye witness information is the key to solving many crimes. Statements such as “Nna gadi nkame”, “Ke tshaba bo supi”, “Ke tiro ya mapodise” have no room in the Neighbourhood Watch setting.
  • Tell the police as much as you can. No fact is trivial.
  • In many cases, what victims and witnesses tell the police about the criminal has resulted in an arrest and a conviction.


Question to be asked when reporting

The Police will ask you the following questions when reporting a crime.

  • What are your full names, physical address and telephone?
  • Who, what, when and where?
  • How many suspects were there?
  • Can you describe the suspects?
  • Can you describe their vehicles?
  • What language did they speak?
  • What nationality was the suspect?
  • What was the time?
  • How can you identify your stolen items?
  • Their vehicles registration numbers?
  • Descriptions of the weapon used?
  • What did they do?8
  • What did they take?
  • What did they say?
  • Where did they go and many others?

Due to limited resources and personnel or a heavy emergency call load, the police may not respond immediately. They have to priorities their responses based on apparent danger to human life. Do not be discouraged. They will get to you as soon as possible

Being a witness
  • Once you have reported a crime, stick with it.
  • Being a witness in court is not as much troublesome as you may think. You will beprovided with transport and day care services whilst at court.
  • It pays to prosecute; many criminals who are arrested for property crimes are convicted, thus removing their ability to commit crime by incarceration