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Corporate Development Strategy 2003-2009
Over the past the past six years Botswana Police Service was operating on guideline provided by the Corporate Development Strategy 2003-2009. The Strategy was developed to encompass all aspects of a service organisation. This Strategy, which was supported by Annual Policing Plans (APPs), gave effect to the organisational goals, objectives and action items to be achieved in a particular year. The service delivery was focused on crime reduction, community policing, Human Resources  and Facility and Support as priority areas by both the Corporate Development Strategy and the Annual Policing Plans
Crime Reduction

The prevention of crime is our core business and therefore our priority. The Crime Reduction Goal is pertinent to our core business. It highlights and develops what needs to be further improved from the previous Strategy, the purpose of which is to promote peace, safety and security with the ultimate aim of achieving a Safe and Secure Nation by 2016. In order to attain this ideal situation the Botswana Police Service intends to:

Provide a quality service to the people of Botswana, which provides for their needs and focuses on the reduction of crime and making communities safer.

We shall endeavour to achieve this goal by implementing strategies and tactics and developing effective methods of reducing the levels of crime and making our communities safer. We will continue to increase the number of crime prevention initiatives, resources used for operational priorities and involvement of the community. Working with other agencies, we shall continue to improve road safety by reducing the number of fatal and serious road traffic accidents on the roads. We will, in-conjunction with other stakeholders, seek to identify and address the causes of crime.

The goal covers the following issues;

• Crime management
• The fear of crime
• Crime prevention
• Criminal justice system
• Traffic management
• Effective patrols
• Responding to calls from the public
• Disaster management
• Diversification of the role of the
   Special Support Group
• State security