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Specific Guidelines

One set of rules cannot be applied cannot be applied supplied to all situations, which may vary from that of consultant to prime contractor. Industry sectors must therefore develop and develop implement the foregoing principles in the manner most appropriate to their operational needs.

Situations in which government employees and suppliers must exercise particular care include:

·         Gifts there should be no expectation of any gift, and gifts should not be given to any person in the expectation of reciprocation or granting of favors. If supplier wishes to provide a personal gift, it should be of nominal value only (such as souvenir or diary), and should be offered only on festive occasions (such as Christmas) which have no connection with evaluation of tenders or the negotiation of contracts. If a supplier wishes to provide a gift such as a model sample of more nominal value, this should be to the relevant department or agency rather than to an individual; gifts of this kind are then recorded in accordance with establishment procedures.

·         Entertainment – Government are rarely entitled to use government funds to pay for entertainment

In each area of application there is no absolute definition of "ethical behavior", consisting of a set of moral principles.