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Corruption Risk Assessment

A Corruption risk assessment (Corruption Audit) is simply a careful examination of what, could lead to corruption. It is a tool that can be used to detect and assess corruption risk exposures within functional areas and develop mechanisms to mitigate against such risks. 

To assess the risks of corruption, the following steps are followed: 

·         Step 1 - Identify the Corruption Risk. Identify the risk for each fictional area and assess the extent of the risk.

·         Step 2 - Analyzing the potential of Corruption in your business and rating them. For each Corruption Risk you need to be clear about who might be involved; it will help you Identify the best way of managing the risk.

·         Step 3 - Evaluate the risks and Devising strategy to mitigate the risk. Having spotted the risks, you then have to decide what to do about them.

·         Step 4 - Record your findings and implement them (Action taken). Putting the results of your risk assessment into practice will make a difference.

·         Step 5 - Review your assessment and update when necessary. There is need to review what you are doing on an ongoing basis.