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Domestic & External Support Operations
Assistance during National Disasters


 Over the years, the BDF has assisted local authorities in times of national disasters.

•  1995 - BDF undertook rescue missions during floods that hit major parts of the country.
•  1996 - BDF deployed soldiers and equipment at Sua Pan in 'Operation Save Sua' to save the berm wall of Botswana Ash (Botash) plant, which was being threatened by heavy floods. The soldiers laid 90,000 sandbags and 12,000 tires in the operation.

2006 - In the floods that hit Ramotswa and its surrounding areas in February 2006, BDF teams carried out relentless rescue missions and saved hundreds of lives.

2009- BDF provided assistance during the flooding that affected a large community around the Kasane area.


Anti-Poaching & Clean-up Campaigns

Apart from being responsible for the security of the nation, the BDF has been assisting the Department of Wildlife and National Parks in Anti-Poaching, dating back from the mid 80s. The BDF’s involvement in this operation has since brought dividends as poaching has been brought under control. The BDF has also been assisting civil authorities in the fight against crime especially armed robberies, car-jacking and drug trafficking.

Training with other Defence forces

BDF has been conducting operational exercises with Defence Forces of neighboring countries and other friendly forces. “Exercise Thokgamo” was one such exercise conducted in June 2005 in which SADC member states participated. BDF also participated at the multi national SADC Brigade peace keeping exercise code-named 'Exercise Golfinho'.

Peace Keeping Missions

BDF has been a regular contributor to United Nations Missions. The BDF previous had its personnel serving on an African Union Liaison Mission in Ethiopia/Eritrea and military observers in Darfur, Sudan who have since been withdrawn.

•  1992-1993 - a BDF contingent participated in 'Operation Restore Hope'- a United States led coalition of forces to restore peace in Somalia.
•  1993-1994 - a team of BDF officers participated in a UN peacekeeping mission in Rwanda as observers. The same year, BDF troops participated in a UN peacekeeping operation in Mozambique. 
•  1998 - BDF participated in 'Operation BOLEAS' a SADC military intervention in Lesotho. This operation culminated in a re-training program for Lesotho Defense Force members. 

Other Peace keeping Operations