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Overview of the DCEC
Overview of the DCEC

The DCEC was established in September 1994 under the Corruption and Economic Crime Act. The Directorate is an operationally autonomous law enforcement agency. The statutory mandate of the DCEC is to combat corruption and this is done by implementing a three dimentional strategy of:

  • Investigation: Its mandate is to investigate allegations of corruption and economic crime plus issues of suspicious transactions. When sufficient evidence has been collected in an investigation, the file is submitted to the Directorate of Public Prosecutions for assessment and prosecution.
  • Corruption Prevention: The function of this division is to audit systems within government and parastatal institutions to detect loopholes that influence corruption. This is done through routine assignment studies.
  • Public Education: The division goes around the country teaching the public about corruption and soliciting public support. They also carry their mandate through fairs and exhibitions and can also be available on request to give presentations.

There are several ways of reporting corruption and economic crime to the DCEC such as through e-mail, letter, telephone, fax or in person. Moreover, one is at liberty to be anonymous when making a report. This is meant to protect an informant and to avoid any victimisation that one might encounter.