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PRESS RELEASE Masire in Controversial Land deal
Ngwaketse Land Board response to article "Masire in Controversial Land deal" (WEEKEND POST NEWSPAPER 8TH JUNE)
Ngwaketse Land Board response to article "Masire in Controversial Land deal" (WEEKEND POST NEWSPAPER 8TH JUNE)

The Ngwaketse Land Board wishes to respond to an article titled "Masire in Controversial Land deal" and published in the Weekend Post newspaper dated 8TH - 14TH June 2013 and point out that the statements in it are not only untrue but misleading. The author of the article alleges that, the Land Board helped Sir Q. K. J. Masire to acquire a 3256 square metres piece of land. The allegations raised in the article are false and unfounded. The truth of the matter is that Masire acquired the plot in question way back.


In 2003, approval was granted to him by the Minister of Lands and Housing to temporarily use the plot as industrial. In October 2012, Masire approached the Land Board to request extension of use of the area for industrial. The author of the article further indicates that the Sub Land Board Chairman was instructed by the Chairman to accelerate Masire's application ahead of 15 000 other applicants in the waiting list because he is a Statesman. This statement is factually incorrect as no such instructions were ever made. Furthermore, the Land Board does not keep a waiting list for industrial plots. The procedure is that when such plots are available they are advertised to the general public


The article also suggests that, "some applicants had attempted to query the decision but their attempts were shot down because the chairman upheld his decision". We reject this statement as untrue as no complaint has been registered with the Land Board regarding the said piece of land.


Finally we wish to confirm that the delivery on our mandate has always been professional and transparent.



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