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The Ministry of Lands and Housing is responsible for the management of land and related functions as well as the facilitation of housing delivery. In the management of land the Ministry responsibilities entail;

·         National physical planning, which involves determination of optimal utilization and proper organisation of land space and development.

·         Administration of land in both the urban and rural areas which entails distributing the Land; developing policies that guide or address issues relating to access of land, tenure; title registration; land values; compensation; conflict resolution and compliance with covenants as well as ensuring availability of administrative and physical infrastructure and procedures.

·         Provision of services and information on cadastral surveying, mapping and remote sensing that lay the foundation for physical planning; land administration and development

·         Provision of service infrastructure to facilitate land development

·         Facilitation of the Housing delivery involves coordinating and promoting the implementation of the National housing policy, which aims at ensuring that every citizen is decently housed.

·         Availing land for residential development; providing funding for development of housing for the low income groups; encouraging financial institutions to finance housing development; exploring innovative building technologies; partnering with the private sector to prove housing for government employees, encouraging employees to have housing packages for their respective employees.

·         Promoting efficiency in the execution of the mandate and delivery of services to the public through information management and re-engineering processes.