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Minister calls for effective service delivery

Assistant Minister for Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration, Mr Thato Kwerepe is concerned that service delivery in Ngamiland is inadequate.
Speaking during a consultative meeting in Maun recently, Mr Kwerepe said communities in his constituency complained during kgotla meetings that they were not served as expected.

It emerged during the meetings that shortage of transport was the main cause of poor service delivery in the district, he said.

He said the state of affairs was worrisome and could not be allowed to go on because some departments suffered yet their sister departments have enough resources

 He advised that since the resources belonged to one government, they should be shared for the befit of communities.

“Government continues to make efforts to eradicate poverty amongst communities but it is disappointing that some projects are unsuccessful just because there is no transport,” the minister lamented.

He said communities complained that assistance programmes such as LIMID and the provision of seeds for ploughing were frustrated by predatory animals such as elephants that destroy their fields depriving them of their livelihoods.

“You should be empathetic and ensure effective service delivery and I urge you to work as a team and serve the communities to meet their expectations,” he added.

Mr Kwerepe also urged supervisors to address the issue of attitude amongst their juniors noting that some projects failed simply because of attitude.

He urged the supervisors to make it a habit to visit their junior officers’ work places to appreciate the environment they work in and the challenges they experience, adding that some had emotional stress.

He said the issue of attitude could be addressed through workshops and regular meetings.  BOPA

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