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IEC clears mist on EVMs trending on social media

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) informs the public that the Electoral Voting Machine (EVM) gadget video trending on social media assumed to be the type EVMs envisaged to be procured by IEC is wrong and misleading. 

A media release from IEC states that the type of the envisaged EVMs is far from being compared with the one on social media.

“It has to be noted that there are different types of EVMs used in the world and each is customized to the environment under which it is intended to be used. Basically, the envisaged EVM is not computer and software based as compared to the one trending on social media,” states the release.

The release further states that IEC condemns any attempt by anybody to cause panic in the public sphere by making assumptions to know the type of envisaged EVMs.

IEC further assures the public that intensive civic and voter education will be conducted for them to appreciate the type of EVM to be used and will have the opportunity to test its trustworthiness. BOPA

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