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ESP projects progressing well

Executive chairperson of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board (PPADB) Ms Bridget John says implementation of the Economic Stimulus Programme (ESP) is generally progressing well across ministries.
Speaking during a media briefing recently, Ms John said some projects in various ministries under the programme had been completed and were being utilised by the general public.
“ESP projects that were awarded are either on-going or completed and include among others customary court offices, classrooms, teacher accommodation, land servicing, expansion of educational facilities, village electrification and Internet connectivity,” she said, and that most road projects were at design stage.
She noted that most of the ESP tenders were being progressed at Ministerial Tender Committee level.
Ms John informed the media that the Board would be calling for a re-registration of contractors this year and people should look out for notices in the media.
Ms John indicated that the briefing was intended to update the media on operations of the board, challenges and what was being done to address those.
“The briefing also intended to avail a platform to interact with the media and appreciate any public concerns in relation to public procurement and find ways of improving public confidence in the procurement system,” she said.
Speaking on efficiency and transparency of annual procurement plans for all ministries, she said for the 2015/2016 financial year, the average adherence to procurement plans stood at 73.8 per cent.
She said  procurement by its nature created winners and losers and there would always be aggrieved bidders who sought to challenge award decisions hence the PPADB Act provided for a complaints review mechanism.
Ms John indicated that complaints should  be in writing with supporting evidence.
“Complaints must be submitted to the secretary of the board and must be submitted within 14 days of when the bidder comes to knowledge of the grounds for the complaint, otherwise the complaint shall not be considered,” said Ms John.
She said  the Board was in the process of commissioning a consultancy to evaluate the effectiveness of the Citizen Economic Empowerment (CEE) Policy, particularly as it related to the procurement aspect.
“PPADB wishes to establish whether the implementation of the policy as it relates to its mandate is achieving desired results,” she continued.
On the of PPADB’s 2015/16 annual report, Ms John said the revenue generated by the Board increased from P12.9million to P19million.
“The total value of tenders awarded by the Board amounted to P3.9billion which was lower than the previous year’s value of P5.04billion,” she said.
On challenges of the board, she said poor scooping and conceptualisation of projects resulted in variations at project implementation.
“Litigation by some contractors delaying commencement of projects and there are currently three cases before court where contractors claim they should have been awarded tenders, ” she said.
She said some of the interventions PPADB had adopted in countering some of its challenges were to encourage bidders to first exhaust the administrative review process through ICRC which was faster than the court route.
On her part, Ms Joyce Mokobi, Executive Director-Services, said PPADB collates and analyses media reports with a view to assessing the level of media understanding of issues, public perceptions as well as to track any issues of concern that may require the board’s intervention particularly where such reporting is negative.

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