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A 15-member youthful theatre group has launched an alcohol abuse intervention project entitled Lemphorwana la Bojalwa ga le Fofe.

Shadows Arts Production Project coordinator, Mosalagae Moteu, explained that the initiative’s name underscored the message that youth who indulged in alcohol abuse and other related activities always ended up absconding from school, engaging in criminal activities and an assortment of unruly behaviours.

He said they chosed the adage because alcohol abuse is rife among the youth. Moteu revealed that their project, which was funded by the Ministry of Health at the tune of more than P490 000, aimed to educate and encourage the youth to refrain from alcohol and drug abuse. He said that the project further exists to disseminate information on skills that unemployed youth can exploit to improve their standard of living. “We have realised that the community at large does not turn up for public health talks and are easily bored by lengthy talks. We are mainly using drama, music and poetry to convey the message,” he said. He said that the medium they use is brief, informative and entertaining.

Moteu revealed that their project started early October 2015 and it will run for 12 months. He said that the project will include counselling, should the need arise. He disclosed that they have engaged peer educators and counsellors who will work closely with the youth. “We have engaged peer educators so as to create a conducive environment for the youth to open up and share their concerns,” he said. Moteu stated that their target includes schools in Francistown and surrounding villages such as Borolong and Shashe Mooke, among others.

He encouraged community members to report illegal trading of alcoholic beverages or drug abuse to relevant authorities. (BOPA)

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