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President Khama Launches Market Day
KEYNOTE ADDRESS BY HIS EXCELLENCY, LT. GEN. SERETSE KHAMA IAN KHAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF BOTSWANA AT THE INAUGURAL MARKET DAY AT GABORONE SECONDARY SCHOOL SPORTS GROUNDS.   Honourable Ministers; Members of Parliament Members of Diplomatic Missions Mayor of Gaborone Ladies and Gentlemen       In my Inaugural Address of 2009, I identified, among others, poverty eradication and citizen economic empowerment as key to the priorities of this country. I view these as a journey which we should all embark on for the betterment of our country.


I am confident that the initiatives we have embarked upon will lead us to the envisioned destiny where abject poverty will be eradicated.



 Today we are gathered here to bear testimony to the birth of yet

another step towards the realization of our ideals. Most Batswana entrepreneurs involved in micro and small scale businesses have problems in accessing markets. The Market Day will assist in addressing the problem of access through the following means:


*It will facilitate the public to purchase produce from micro and small scale entrepreneurs; *It will assist in networking entrepreneurs with the procuring entities in both the public and private sector; and *It will also assist in networking entrepreneurs with each other.


    Undoubtedly, networking is the key to success of any business.

Working in silos creates barriers to success. I encourage Batswana to learn to share experiences, and expertise, and create joint ventures where possible and use the Market Day to facilitate effective networking.


    Government and private procuring agents have been invited to

this occasion so that they get to know the entrepreneurs and build working relations with them.


    The Market Day will be rolled out throughout the country and

will become a regular event in localities. The arrangement of bringing service providers, procuring agents, and entrepreneurs together during Market Day will become the norm.


    I am pleased to inform you that today marks a significant

milestone on our journey to eradicate poverty: The backyard garden initiative and the alternative packages will be rolled out to all constituencies starting today.


    As you are aware, training of beneficiaries is ongoing in

fifteen constituencies and tendering on developing backyard gardens is ongoing in the said constituencies as well.  Training of beneficiaries will now cover the whole country.


    Our target is that by the end of this financial year,

approximately 12,800 families should have been assisted. This will translate to approximately 64,000 people directly or indirectly benefiting from the programme.


    If all the said families are productive, there should be enough

produce to sustain the Market Day initiative across the country. I urge Batswana to use this initiative for their benefit.


   I urge all those here and those who will be coming throughout

the day to spend generously. Let this be a showcase to all that we can and must support each other to eradicate poverty. Pula!


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