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Mmamashia Water Treatment Plant to be Refurbished.
Mmamashia Water Treatment Plant to be Refurbished.

The Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources (MMEWR) has decided to refurbish Mmamashia water treatment plant to bring it to its full working capacity.

Minister Mr Kitso Mokaila told media in Gaborone on Tuesday that the plant had been producing between 70 and 75 million litres of water per day, which he said was far less than its normal capacity. Mr Mokaila said refurbishments works would start soon, with the ministry systematically shutting down each of the four units for maintenance. He pointed that there would be no complete shutdown of the plant, which meant it would continue producing water during the maintenance period.

He, however, said refurbishment of the plant meant that the ministry would have to shut down Masama well fields, which yield 60 million litres per day when fully operational. “The plant has four units and we would take one unit at a time for a month to refurbish. After we finish refurbishing it, the plant will be efficient and will produce water to its best capacity. Therefore, there will be improvement of water coming to Gaborone in the coming months,” Mr Mokaila said. However, he stated that there would be some water restrictions during the maintenance period due to the fact that the volume of water to greater Gaborone area from the North South Courier would be reduced. He said objective of the refurbishment was to improve the flow of water into Gaborone.

The minister also explained that, as a way of improving reticulation of water to Gaborone, the ministry was in the process of developing the Masama west well fields, which would inject more water into the North South Courier. He explained that drilling had already started. He said contract processes for construction of infrastructure had started with the project expected to take a period of 18 to 24 months to complete.
He said a 100 kilometre pipeline would be constructed linking Masama to Gaborone water works to effectively transfer the water from Masama.

Mr Mokaila further stated that his ministry would construct an additional pump station on the NSC that would increase the amount of water transferred through the pipeline by 50 million litres per day. He said tender for the project was being evaluated. (BOPA

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