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Govt takes customer service seriously
Govt takes customer service seriously


Assistant Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration says customer service is a concern to the government.

Delivering a 10-point agenda statement in Parliament recently, Mr Dikgang Makgalemele said government continued to come up with ways of improving service delivery. “Our processes and systems must be informed by what our customers require of us,” he said.

As part of efforts geared towards building a new culture within the public service, Mr Makgalemele said government had come up with a pledge to customers to establish the basis upon which they should judge, which is 10 Point Agenda.  

He said the public service had pledged that it would be respectful to all customers at all times, treat complaints as useful feedback and maintain professionalism at all times.

The public service provides a welcoming environment to customers, maintains zero tolerance for corruption and ensures prompt response to all communication. Part of the pledge also include providing different platforms for engaging customers to promptly and appropriately deal with lapses in the system.

In addition, in April 2015, government introduced the use of name tags, which Mr Makgalemele said was partly geared towards enabling customers identify officers who serve them at any given time.

He however noted that the effectiveness of the pledge would depend largely on the response government got from members of the public.

“The customer feedback forms provided at offices are structured around the Ten Point Agenda and are meant to assist us evaluate the extent to which we comply with the pledge. Submissions have been received from Ministries, Independent departments and parastatals,” he said.

However, Mr Makgalemele noted that overall, the uptake by Ministries and Independent departments was still low.

He said the success of the survey was dependent upon getting as many people as possible to provide feedback on their experiences. BOPA

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