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President Lt Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama says the Economic Stimulus Programme (ESP) will help address public servants accommodation backlog.

The Economic Stimulus Programme is a blueprint for the urgent delivery of national priorities by the government to achieve accelerated job creation, eradicate abject poverty and provide world class education along with the improvement of the health and wellbeing of the nation.

President Khama said this when addressing public servants in Mabutsane recently. He said accommodation shortage was a consequence of the ailing economy due to the economic slump which hit nations in 2008.

“It is for reasons such as this that we have taken the decision to tap into the foreign reserves which we have accumulated for overtime to boost the economy during difficult times such as now,” he said.

On overtime, which was among the many issues of concern across different ministries, President Khama expressed his misgivings on its management. He said he believes it was abused by some employees, some of whom he said have overtime claims well over their salaries.

He said the government was forced to put in place restrictions to deter its abuse. He added that one of the ways to curb its misuse was to give employees days off.

Taking days off to rest, President Khama said, helps employees recuperate and thus boost performance.

On transfers, especially concerning married couples within government employ, President Khama concurred with employees that managers should see to it that couples were not placed at far flung distances from each other.

He cautioned, however, that inspite of this arrangement, care should be taken not to hinder couples from progression in the event a post opens for one of the partners. This, he said, has been communicated to permanent secretaries.

President Khama also said he was against instances where some employees stay at one place, especially remote areas for a long time without being transferred.

In addition, he acknowledged the shortage of transport across ministries and department. (BOPA)

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