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Citizen Entreprenuership Development Agency (CEDA) chief executive officer, Mr Thabo Thamane has urged inspiring entrepreneurs in Kgalagadi to think outside the box.

Speaking during CEDA’s stakeholders’ dinner in Hukuntsi recently, Mr Thamane applauded the Kgalagadi community for their eagerness to venture into business, but expressed displeasure about the high number of livestock business proposals that the agency receives from the district. He urged applicants to consider other untapped business ventures and to diversify the district’s economic activity from livestock farming to other business opportunities.

He noted that Kgalagadi District was widely acknowledged as a suitable area for pastoral farming, but cautioned entrepreneurs about the dangers of keeping their eggs in one basket. "It is a well-known fact that Kgalagadi and Ghanzi regions are the livestock hub of the country, however, people should bear in mind that the cattle industry can be prone to drought and diseases which could cripple its success,” he said. He noted the need to tap into the tourism industry through the utilisation of natural resources, including the Trans Kalahari Highway which could bring benefits to the districts.

Mr Thamane urged the Kgalagadi community to take advantage of business opportunities in their area while CEDA would provide services geared towards mentoring and training clients to enhance the success of its investment ventures. He further said his agency was appreciative of the effort by entrepreneurs to develop the economy through economic diversification and employment creation. He added that he was particularly appreciative of the efforts in remote areas of the country, hence the decision to open an office in Hukuntsi. He said the Hukuntsi office was bound to contribute, in no small measure, towards government efforts to develop, nurture and sustain critical sectors of the economy such as manufacturing, tourism and hospitality as well as agriculture.

The establishment of the office, he said, would contribute towards the empowerment of citizens. Mr Thamane said CEDA has provided an opportunity for citizens to venture into businesses and create employment for Batswana.

He noted that businesses were particularly important because it was difficult for the youth to find employment in current times. (BOPA)

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