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Following its 10th General Elections, Botswana’s fourth President His Excellency Lt General Ian Khama Seretse Khama delivered his inauguration speech on Tuesday 20th October 2009 in which he encouraged Batswana to unite and put the nation’s interests above personal and party political differences. ‘Whilst one party may have faired better than others, the overall outcome is more important, as it reflects the will of the people. We are united in our knowledge that our collective aspirations and destiny as a people are far greater than the individual differences we have at party political level. Team work and collaboration will be crucial if we are to deliver to the expectations of Batswana.’ Humbled by the expression of faith and trust bestowed upon Him and his Government, the President also introduced a fifth component – Delivery - to his roadmap which is commonly known as ‘the Four (4) D’s’ being Democracy, Discipline, Dignity and Development. He emphasized Delivery as a crucial element of the nation’s strategy in going forward. Whilst extolling Botswana’s culture of peace, stability and prosperity that is largely elusive on the African continent, Khama soberly reminded the nation that there remain significant challenges such as poverty, unemployment, HIV/AIDS and securing the nation’s competitive and comparative advantage in today’s global village. In addition to Delivery, Khama’s areas of emphasis included: strengthening the scope and productivity of the agricultural sector and investment levels therein; human resource development; greater use of ICT to propel Botswana into a knowledge-driven economy and as a key engine for economic diversification; ensuring that job creation and poverty alleviation are the outcome of the Government’s investment initiatives in the various sectors of the economy; advocating mindset change as imperative to improving the nations work ethic, productivity and service delivery; and greater exploitation of empowerment schemes and opportunities for the youth. Khama also called for exemplary leadership. He concluded by thanking the international community for its support and reiterated the importance of adhering to democratic principles and values. The President promised to elaborate further on other development initiatives during his State of the Nation Address which he will deliver in Parliament in the coming weeks. President Khama and his party, the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), won 45 of the 57 parliamentary seats, one (1) more than in the 2004 General Elections. The total number of opposition parliamentarians has altered marginally with a significant change in their composition. Noteworthy strides were made by the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) which increased its parliamentary representatives from one (1) in 2004 to five (5), whilst the longstanding major opposition party, the Botswana National front (BNF) suffered a serious setback losing half of its twelve parliamentary seats. History was made with the first ever Independent parliamentary representative Mr. Nehemiah Modubule. Although the BDP lost some key wards to the BCP, it recovered its numbers by taking some BNF constituencies. The President’s nominations for specially elected Members of Parliament were endorsed without opposition by the new parliament. These are Ontefetse Kenneth Matambo, Lesego Motsumi, Vincent T. Seretse and Dorcus Makgethu-Malesu. The new cabinet is expected to be announced in the next few days. Dr. Margaret N. Nasha was sworn in as the new Speaker of Parliament, making history asthe first lady to occupy this position. She stated that her agenda during the term includes: concluding and approving new Standing Orders, reforming the parliamentary committee system and improving the automation ofParliament's public library.Pono Moatlhodiwas sworn in asdeputy Speaker of Parliament. Lt. General Mompati S. Merafhe was elected and sworn in as Vice President.
The Botswana Export Development And Investment Authority (BEDIA) has been able to attract capital investment of about P539 million as opposed to P500 million which they set as a target.
State of the nation address by His Excellency Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama, President of the Republic of Botswana to the opening of the fifth session of the ninth parliament.

1. Mr. Speaker, I am grateful for the opportunity to give this Honourable Assembly an assessment of our nation’s achievements and challenges, in this my first State of the Nation Address, which will also be the last before the next general election. 2. We should, however, recognise that addressing the needs of Batswana cannot be limited to the activities of Government alone. The ability to move forward ultimately rests with all of us.Our national anthem rightly affirms that our land is a gift from God - but our nation’s progress did not fall from heaven .
LOBATSE - Banni ba Goodhope le tikologo ba akgoletswe go dira maiteko mo go tshwaraganeng le puso go lwantsha makoa a a tshwanang bolwetsi jwa sukiri le madi a matona.
FRANCISTOWN - The Botswana Brand is set for review to make it appealing less than two years after its launch.

Mothusa tona wa tsa madi le ditogamaano tsa ditlhabololo
1) SADC PRESS RELEASE ON SWINE FLU The SADC Ministers responsible for Health note the recent reports of Swine Flu
(H1N1) outbreaks in Mexico, United States of America and Canada among others. 
As SADC Ministers of Health we are concerned by the increase in the number of
cases, deaths and the unusual age group affected (healthy young adults).  In
light of the above, we the SADC Ministers of Health advise as follows: Travel Precautions:  Unless necessary, all travelers are advised to avoid or postpone travel to
affected areas.  In the event of traveling to the affected areas travelers
should visit their nearest health facility for advice on precautionary
measures to be taken.  Recent travelers to the affected countries should be on
the alert for Flu-like symptoms such as fever, muscle aches, nausea, coughing,
fatigue, and general feeling of un-wellness, and visit the nearest health
facility for immediate attention when such symptoms develop.  Response: We are working closely with the World Health Organization (WHO) and our
surveillance systems are on high alert. We will continuously monitor the
situation and use existing National and Regional Policies and Guidelines for
the prevention and control of any outbreak in line with the SADC Highly
Pathogenic Avian and Pandemic Human Influenza Preparedness and Response Plan. As SADC Ministers, we wish to inform the public that all countries within the
Region have Epidemic Preparedness and Response Plans and Teams in place. 
There is no effective vaccine to prevent Swine Flu.  However, it is treatable,
and a Technical Team is in place to facilitate the availability of treatment
in all SADC Countries. 
As the SADC region we remain vigilant and committed to prevent and address any
potential outbreak in the region. SADC MINISTERS RESPONSIBLE FOR HEALTH
28 APRIL 2009
Third race was well organized and was happy with the seriousness displayed by the individual clubs, and the large turnout by the clubs.
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