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PHK hails emergency power plant
The Minister of Minerals, Energy & Water Resources Mr. Ponatshego Kedikilwe and the Permanent Secretary of that ministry Mr. Gabaake Gabaake lauded the emergency power plant which began operations on 8 January 2010. The Matsiloje power plant, which will help augment the country’s shortage in power supply, has 138 generators, produces 70MW (mega watts) and will only be used in cases of emergency during load shedding. Following the 100MW reduction in South Africa’s power supply to Botswana through Eskom, combined with general power shortage in the Southern African region, Botswana has a number of opportunities in the pipeline to augment its power supply to meet demand. These opportunities include an upcoming power plant in Orapa that is expected to be operational in June which will produce 90MW, preparations have started for the new 600MW Morupule B plant as well as agreements with neighbouring Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
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