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Public Hearings
The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Communications, Works, Transport, Technology and ICT will hold Public Hearings on implementation of Information Communications and Technology (ICT) policies, e-Government Strategy roll-out, infrastructure development, accessibility and uptake of ICTs from 9-11 July 2014 at the Auditorium, Parliament Annex II. The objectives of the Public Hearings are: i) To strengthen the role of Parliamentarians on ICT matters in order to improve legislative oversight. ii) To contribute to strengthened implementation of ICT policies through transparent and cohesive decision making processes at the national level. iii) To strengthen stakeholder engagement between Civil Society and Parliamentary Committees. iv) To bridge the gap between in country experts and national decision makers. The Committee will also take submissions on ICT Policy and Legislative Framework, implementation of the e-Government Strategy, ICT Regulatory Framework, Digital Migration, ICT Infrastructure and National Broadband Strategy, e-Government Initiatives and Progress in the Transport Sector, National Registration and Immigration, Health Sector, Educations Sector, ICT Business Facilitation and associated opportunities in order to discuss among others, how best to utilise ICT for socio economic development, citizen participation & empowerment and ultimately, achievement of the Millennium Development Goals through Parliamentary action.
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