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Public Accounts Committee Sitting
Public Accounts Committee Sitting

The Public Accounts Committee is expected to sit from 16th to 20th September, 2013, to examine the Value for Money Audit Reports as required by Standing Order 105.3 of the National Assembly.

The basis of examination is to ensure compliance with the Public Audit Act and Public Finance Act, other Statutory Instruments, Financial Instructions and Procedures, Supplies Regulations and Procedures, and any other applicable laws and regulations. The Committee will hold its hearings in public.

The Committee will examine the following Value for money Audit Reports:

(i) Provision of Extension Services by Department of Crop Production (Report No 4 of 2010).
(ii) Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Government Payroll, Pensions and Passages System (Report No.7 of 2009).
(iii) Implementation of the National Policy on Housing by Department of Housing (Report No 7 of 2010).
(iv) Maintenance of Junior Secondary Schools by the Department of Technical Services (Report No 8 of 2011).
(v) Procurement of Medical Equipment and Surgical Instruments by Department of Clinical Services (Report No 10 of 2011).

The Committee is comprised of the following Members:

1. Hon. N. M. Modubule, MP.    - Chairperson
2. Hon M. M. Goya, MP.    - Member
3. Hon K. S. Rammidi, MP.   - Member
4. Hon K. P. Molatlhegi, MP.   - Member
5. Hon. F. M. Molao, MP.   - Member
6. Hon P. M. Maele, MP.    - Member
7. Hon S. M. Guma, MP.    - Member
8. Hon. D. P. Makgalemele   - Member
9. Hon. G. Saleshando, MP.   - Member
10. Hon. I. S. Mabiletsa, MP.   - Member


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