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Parliament Special Select Committee
Parliament Special Select Committee


The Parliament of Botswana on the 23rd November 2012, adopted a resolution that a Special Select Committee of Parliament, be appointed to conduct an inquiry into the Botswana Meat Commission and the decline of the Botswana Beef Industry.

The Special Select Committee of Parliament has been duly appointed and constituted, and the conduct of its business is now underway having commenced its sittings on the 12th February 2013 with its hearings scheduled for 0900 hours – 1200 hours on Tuesdays through to Thursdays of every week of the months of February, March, April and June at the Main Committee Room at Parliament Grounds, at The National Assembly of Botswana, Gaborone, Botswana.

A series of public hearings at selected kgotlas around the country will be announced in due course.

The Chairperson of the aforestated Parliamentary Special Select Committee, hereby invites all persons with information relating to the Botswana Meat Commission and the Botswana Beef Industry, to contact the Secretariat of the Special Select Committee, and to write and deliver to the Secretariat their full names, place of work and/or residence, and other contact details, such as postal addresses, telephone land lines, cellphone numbers and/or email addresses, together with a short summary of the nature of their evidence, at the following address and contacts:


Special Select Committee
National Assembly
P.O. Box 240

Parliament Grounds
Next to Main Committee Room
Tel:  3705419
Email Address:  selectcommittee@gov.bw

The Committee would like to further indicate that, the evidence sought will guide the Committee in establishing whether or not, any acts of impropriety, criminal acts, amongst others, bribery, misuse of company funds, violations of company procedures, and other lawful procedures, breaches of good corporate governance practices, and other violations of the law, characterized the conduct of the management of the Botswana Meat Commission perpetrated by any persons at the Botswana Meat Commission, or by any persons involved, related, and/or associated to its management and the  conduct of its operations, and/or arising from decision making processes relating thereto. Further the Committee will take evidence relating to the policy and legislative framework of the Beef Industry in Botswana as well as multilateral regulatory regimes for the Beef Industry and determine compliance in regard thereto as well as the taking of evidence in regard to domestic and international markets.

The conduct of the Committees’ hearings will be in public with limited gallery sitting on a first come first serve basis with a ratio of allocation of sitting apportioned to members of the public and accredited members of the press. The gallery opens for sitting at 0850 hours and upon immediate commencement of proceedings at 0900 hours all members of the public are expected to be seated.

Kindly note that the selection of witnesses is the exclusive reserve of the Special Select Committee.

The Special Select Committee undertakes in exceptional circumstances and upon request by a witness, to take evidence on condition of anonymity, and the identity of any such persons will be accordingly protected.

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