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4th Ordinary Session of the Pan African Parliament
4th Ordinary Session of the Pan African Parliament

The Member of Parliament for Palapye, Hon. Moiseraele M. Goya and also Member of the Finance & Monetary Affairs Committee of the Pan African Parliament left yesterday, Wednesday 5th March 2014, to attend the 4th Ordinary Session of the 3rd Parliament of the Pan African Parliament in Midrand, South Africa scheduled for the 10th – 19th March 2014.  Prior to that the Hon. Member will attend the Committee meeting today 6th March to 7th March 2014.

Hon. Goya will be joined by Hon. Dikgang P. Makgalemele and Hon. Isaac S. Mabiletsa who are scheduled to leave on the 7th March 2014. The Members will be attending their respective Committee meetings prior to the 4th Ordinary Session.

The Honourable Members will also be joined by the new Member of Parliament Hon. H Hobona on the 9th March 2014. The Hon Member has been appointed as a Member of the Pan African Parliament.  Hon. Hobona will be sworn in and oriented on the 9th March 2014, in Midrand, South Africa.

The Honourable Members are expected back on the 20th March 2014.


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