The Directorate of Public Service Management (DPSM)
Security and Staff Welfare

Under Public Service Staff Welfare, which includes HIV/AIDS, the Division is responsible for the development of the following policies and strategies:

• Public Service Workplace HIV/AIDS Policies and Strategies guided by the National Strategic Framework on HIV/AIDS

  • Code of Conduct on HIV/AIDS for the Public Service
  • Public Service Wellness Policy
  • Public Service HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing Campaign

• Botswana Public Officers Medical Aid Scheme (contributory – 50% government 50% employee)
• Government Pool Housing
• Government Employees Motor Vehicle and Residential Property Advance Scheme
• Public Officers Identity Cards projects (to enhance security in Government offices)

Occupational Health Unit

The purpose of the Occupational Health Unit is to provide workers’ health care including control of occupational health risks and to advocate for a safe work environment. The Occupational Health Unit performs the following functions:

• Pre-employment and periodic medical examination
• Ex-Miners Programme
• Management of Referred Cases/Occupational Medicine
• operational linkages with the Division of Occupational Health and Safety, the Department of Mines and Health Practitioners

Workers’ Compensation Division

The Workers’ Compensation Division is responsible for ensuring that workers are appropriately compensated against work-related injuries, diseases and deaths. The Division of Occupational Health and Safety investigates the cause of accidents occurring in a factory and refers cases that require compensation to the Workers’ Compensation Division.

Labour Relations for Permanent and Pensionable Officers

• Developing and coordinating the implementation of Code of Conduct to maintain high integrity in the Public Service
• Guiding Ministries/Departments on matters relating to Public Service conduct, discipline and Staff relations.
• Facilitating sound relations with Unions and employee Associations
• Facilitating Public Service Consultative Structures to ensure harmonious and sound staff relations within the Public Service

  • Central Joint Staff Consultative Council- Regulation 2 of the Public Service Act
  • Ministerial Consultative Council-Regulation 33 of the Public service Act
AIDS at the Workplace

• Sensitising managers and heads of Government departments on the magnitude of HIV/AIDS  and to solicit their support in establishing HIV/AIDS educational activities in workplaces;
• Raising awareness on HIV/AIDS policy and the rights of workers in relation to employment;
• Training of HIV/AIDS Peer Educators or Coordinators in the workplace;
• Facilitating access to support services such as counselling, condom promotion and distribution

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