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The Directorate of Public Service Management (DPSM)
Human Resource Information Systems Management

The rapid pace of technological development has created increasingly more powerful information and communication technologies that are capable of radically transforming the public service. DPSM has thus taken giant steps in keeping up with and embracing such technologies.

DPSM runs a number of critical IT activities, the success of which have drastically improved the overall service delivery of the Directorate. These include the Computerised Personnel Management System and the IT Help Desk.


In order to achieve the above purpose the Unit performs the following functions:

Human Resource Information Technology Policy Development

·      Accessing and developing HRM IT policies and strategies

·      Developing and ensuring the maintenance of appropriate system and procedures with respect to security and data availability controls.

·      Developing and maintaining sound quality assurance systems to ensure that the HRM users have quality and relevant data from which policies can be developed.

Technical Support Coordination

 Infrastructure Support Development

·      Maintaining, monitoring and controlling on a continuous basis, the networked infrastructure required for all HRM applications to operate effectively such as:
mainframe and workstation computing systems and their peripheral equipment

o    Management of the DPSM intranet protocols such as its related LAN and WAN with ministries

o    Provision of onsite support to ministries with regard to HRM systems

Application Support

·      Support, maintenance and implementation of complaint software and other appliances such as:


o    Definition and implementation of Infinium HR rules/controls

o    installation of new releases

o    end user assistance

o    report generation

Procurement and distribution of the necessary equipment and peripherals

·      Reviewing the status of the infrastructure and operating environment of the HRM information systems

·      Accordingly sourcing, procuring and installing in consultation with the Government Computer Bureau and the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board, and monitoring the implementation of computer systems spares and peripherals

·      Managing external systems consultants in conjunction with the Government Computer Bureau

End-Users Training and Development

·      Developing guidelines and procedures in consultation with the Human Resources Management for end users training in the appropriately and adequate use of the HRM systems in both DPSM and Ministries/Departments


o    continuously provide end-user training in all the Human Resource Management and related applications, in order to ensure compliance and the development of competencies in the use of the Human Resource systems.

o    assessing the training provided by the third party trainers to ensure value for money

Knowledge Management Implementation

·     Developing document management system, data warehousing of Human Resource policies and archiving of all Human Resource related information

·     Implementation of data mining protocols and security systems

developing Communities of Practice infrastructure (intranet) of knowledge sharing and real-time collaboration through smart calendaring groupware systems, etc.

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