The Directorate of Public Service Management (DPSM)
Monitoring of Standards
Monitoring of Standards

In the age of alternative service delivery, ensuring services delivered on behalf of the Government are consistent and of high caliber is the key to ensuring that the Public Service can continue to meet citizen expectations of service.

Broadly, standards of service can be benchmarked and monitored in three categories: reliability, quality of delivery and customer service.  Following the theory that what gets measured gets done; an efficient and effective monitoring and feedback system will be put in place to measure these categories.
• Monitoring will be done through:
• Internal and external process audits
• Customer satisfaction surveys

  • DPSM will conduct process audits twice a year and the results will be communicated to client stakeholders and published annually for public consumption. 
  • Ministries/Departments will conduct process audits quarterly and the results will be used for internal improvements.
  • A customer satisfaction survey will be undertaken once in two years.   
  • Ministries/departments will put in place a feedback system that will ensure constant feedback from customers and citizens.
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