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Application for residential property advance - Botswana Savings Bank
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Fee: Free of charge
You may locate the service branche in charge in the Useful Links
Application for residential property advance - Standard Chartered Bank Botswana Ltd
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Fee: Free of charge
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Fee: Free of charge
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Application for semi-precious stone dealer's license

Application for semi-precious stone dealer's license

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Fee: Free of charge
You may locate the service branche in charge in the Useful Links
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Fee: Free of charge
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The mandate of the office of Commercial Affairs is to issue Trading Licenses on behalf of Trade, Industrial Development and Liquor committees. The office also issue Registration Certificates for Street Vending, Hawkers and Industrial Development(Manufacturing). These licenses are divided into three classes; being Trade licenses, industrial licenses and liquor licenses.

What types of Trade Licenses are available?

Types of License                          Annual Fee

·         General dealer                         P250.00                      

·         Fresh produce                         P250.00

·         Bookshop                                P750.00

·         Boutique                                 P750.00

·         Car Wash                                P150.00

·         Cleaning Services                    P200.00

·         Department Store                    P2000.00

·         Distributor                               P1500.00

·         Dry clean                                 P1500.00

·         Funeral Parlour                        P1500.00

·         Furniture shop                         P1500.00

·         Workshop                                P1500.00

·         General Clothing                     P750.00

·         Hairdresser                              P500.00

·         Hardware                                P1000.00

·         Hire Services                           P500.00

·         Laundromat                            P100.00

·         Motor Dealer                           P1500.00

·         Filling Station                         P500.00

·         Restaurant                               P1000.00

·         Supermarket                            P1500.00

·         Takeaway                                P150.00

·         Wholesale                                P1500.00


Trade licenses reserved for Batswana

1.      Car wash

2.      Cleaning services Fresh produce

3.      General Dealer

4.      Hairdresser

5.      Hire Services

6.      Laundromat

7.      Filling Station

8.      Take away

Who qualifies for trading licenses?

Both citizens and Non-Citizens meeting the following requirements:

·         Copy of certificate of incorporation for a company/business name-business certificate

·         Copies of share certificates of company and form2

·         Proof of availability of business premises/lease agreement

·         Certified copies of valid work and residence permits for non-citizens

·         Environmental health report for the business premises

·         Proof of advertisement (receipt and publication form) – liquor

·         Proof of zoning from  Physical Planning Office

·         Resolution of the company/letter stating the name of the person who will represent the application during the licensing meeting

·         Certificate of a qualified hairdresser in case of a hairdresser’s license

·         A written agreement letter between the principal supplier and the representative (agent) – Distributor License

·         A covering letter indicating how the business is going to operate and list all items that shall be sold under a Distributor Licenses and Miscellaneous Licenses

What are the requirements for renewing a Trading Licenses

A trading license has to be renewed annually. The renewal must be made two (2) months before the expiry date. It may be renewed on conditions that  the holder has met the following:-

·         Paid any  outstanding fines

·         Paid the Non refundable application fee of 100.00

·         Provided an Environment health report for the business premises

·         Provided  proof of registration and shareholding where applicant is a company.

·         Provided a valid identification document (Omang/Work and resident permits for non citizens.

·         Provided  a copy of respective trading licenses

Fill in form:

Fee: Free of charge
You may locate the service branche in charge in the Useful Links


  • Fully completed immigration supplementary form 1(by applicant)
  • Applicant's certified copies of passport pages (showing validity, photograph & history)
  • Two (2) recent coloured passport size photos
  • Covering letter from the host
  • Certified  copy of host's national identity / residence & work permit/exemption certificate
  • Certified copies of trade license, certificate of incorporation, share certificate of host if operating a business (except for tourists)
  • If previously applied for visa please attach the copy of the outcome
  • Employment/business -relevant information /documents are required (offer /invitation letter, contract and confirmation  of employment including relevant qualifications)
  • If coming by road please specify on the covering letter & include (address and contacts of the host)
  • Travel / flight itinerary / bookings

NB:All those using emergency travel documents should first verify if they require visas to visit Botswana even if they appear on the list of visa exempted countries.

Who qualifies for this service?

Foreign nationals who require a visa for Botswana

  • Countries which require a visa for Botswana
  • Commonwealth countries which require a visa for Botswana (Cameroon, Ghana, India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan)

NB: Passport will be needed to provide this service


Visitors visa

  • Cost: For 3 months and below - P1000
  •            For more than 3 months to 2 years - P1500
  • Sworn statement / affidavit from the host (personal appearance of the host for oath)
  • A copy of hotel / lodge bookings or residential address of the host
  • Copies of marriage / birth certificate -(spouse / dependents)
  • Certified copies of  ordination certificates for religious leaders
  • Return visa or residence permit from country of residence
  • Copies of admission letters and / or study permit for children of residents schooling outside Botswana

Business visa

  • Cost :P1500
  • Business profile if coming to establish business
  • Labour exemption certificate if coming for a month or more
  • Meeting schedule (if coming to attend or organize meeting)
  • Confirmation of employment / release letter from the employment

Employment visa

  • Cost:P1000
  • Waiver from the department of Labour or copies of work and residence permits
  • Employment offer letter or confirmation of employment

Investors visa

  • Cost : P1500
  • Copies of work and residence permits
  • Certificate of incorporation, trade license, share certificate and list of directors
  • Financial statement

Tourists visa

  • Cost :P500
  • Tour plan or copy of travel schedule
  • Hotel bookings

Study visa

  • Cost: P500
  • Admission letter
  • Financial confirmation(source of income for the school fees)
  • Study permit
  • Visa from country of residence

Transit visa

  • Cost: P500
  • Company / individual letter
  • Return visa or proof of residence and visa for country of destination

Diplomatic and Official Visa

  • Cost : Free of charge

NB:Copies of all required documents should be certified by relevant authorities.  Documents of identification and original payment receipt is needed during collection.All copies should be certified and contact numbers clearly outlined in the application forms and letters.

How long does it take to get a visa?

  • It takes 7 - 14 days after the date of application

Where can I get the forms  for visa?

  • Immigration offices
  • Botswana Embassies/Consulates at

Where do I get more information?

Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Tell: 3611300/27/44

Toll free:0800 600 777

or Botswana Embassies or Consulates at:









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Fee: Free of charge
You may locate the service branche in charge in the Useful Links


(Application for wayleave)






Access control is a section that exists in the Design Division to oversee and coordinate access onto the Roads Department (RD) network and service/infrastructure occupation of RD road reserves by Local Authorities and other government Departments, Private Institutions, Individuals and/or Businesses; to ensure the geometric design conforms to the standards set out by RD.


Applicants seek permission from the Ministry of Transport & Communications through the Department of Roads upon which they apply for a wayleave. Once approved by the Ministry, the Department of Roads is the issuer of the wayleave.

The procedure applies to customers applying for an access from the Roads Department network (including regularization for existing accesses being upgraded), routing/locating service infrastructure within the road reserve (communication, power, water & sanitation) and/or works within the road reserve (parking facilities, bus stops & advertising).


1.    Enquiry/Submission of application by applicant to Roads HQ, Region Office, Depot Office.

Enquiries or submissions can be made at Roads Department seven (7) Regional Offices in Gaborone, Kanye, Tsabong, Ghanzi, Maun, Francistown, and Serowe OR at its 23 Depot Offices. Please contact PRO at 0800600679 or 3913511 for further information.

2.    RD feedback to submission. (One week)

3.    Inspection of application. (Two Weeks)

  - Site visit (if required)

- Assessment of applicants’ drawings vs. Design specifications (BRDM)

- Pre-feasibility approval/disapproval from Roads Department to applicant

4.      If pre-feasibility inspections by RD (which are technical) are satisfactory, applicant is required to submit a request to the Ministry of Transport as the next step.

5.    Approval/Disapproval by Ministry of Transport and Communications

6.    If approved by Ministry, Roads Department issues wayleave indicating applicable fees & conditions.


Site investigations for applications will be done at respective depots or at Roads HQ in Gaborone, depending on their sensitivity and proximity.

Submission of a formal request to the Ministry of Transport & Communications can be done in parallel with pre-feasibility  inspections.










Minor access to individual farms & residential plots

P100.00 (One hundred Pula)


Access to business premises

P600.00 (Six Hundred Pula)


Cutting of tarred road surface & Thrust boring

P1000.00 (One thousand Pula)


Utility/service rental on road reserve

P0.05/linear meter/year


1.     Proof of use of land for which access of sought

2.     Engineering drawings capturing existing details

-         Accesses in close proximity (ie; road junctions)

-         Drainage facilities in proximity

-         Utilities which will be affected or in close proximity e.g. BPC Lines, WUC Pipes, Sewer Lines

-         Cross sectional details of proposed access/service trench

-         Expected movement into and within the property/reserve

3.    Locality plan/sketch showing exact location of property showing road from which access is sought whether major highway or otherwise or location of infrastructure routing/crossing (in case of services).


1.    Gerald Ditiro – 3913511 Ext. 5811

2.    Tebogo Molefhe - 3913511 Ext. 5751

3.    Public Relations Office – 3913511 Ext. 5788 or Toll Free 0800600679

Fill in form:

Fee: Free of charge
You may locate the service branche in charge in the Useful Links
Fill in form:

Fee: Free of charge
You may locate the service branche in charge in the Useful Links
Fill in form:

Fee: Free of charge
You may locate the service branche in charge in the Useful Links
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