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Office of the President (OP)
Research Permit Guidelines and Application Form
Two copies of a completed application form for a research permit must be submitted to the relevant ministry (see summary of ministerial portfolios appendix 1), at least two months before commencement of the study. Application forms may be collected from the following places: - All Government Ministries - The Botswana High Commissions and Embassies abroad - The Office of Research and Development (University of Botswana) A copy of the application form is annexed to this document (Appendix 2). It should be noted however that Ministries may have additional sector specific application forms and/ or requirements. Completed application forms must be accompanied by: (a) A letter of endorsement from the applicant’s sponsoring institution and/or funding agency. If the applicant is not affiliated to any institution, the endorsement should come from a person of professional standing in the field of the applicant’s discipline, supporting the application and providing assurance that the research will conform to these guidelines. (b) Detailed curriculum vitae for the researcher and Botswana based personnel to be involved (including passport particulars)
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