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Zimbabwe security personnel apprehended and released in Bots...

Botswana authorities have apprehended and subsequently released two Zimbabwe security personnel who were found inside the country's borders.

The two, who were later identified as Zimbabwe Police constable Tawanda Chitauro and Zimbabwe Defence Force Private Sakhile Dlhodlho, were discovered together by a Botswana anti-poaching unit near Semalela village in the Bobirwa region on Monday (4/10/10). 

At the time the two had in their possession an AK-47 assault rifle, but made no effort to resist arrest. Constable Chitauro was found in uniform but Private Dlhodlho was in civilian attire when arrested.

During questioning the two stated that they had strayed into Botswana territory in the course of an investigation.

The two were then detained at Selebi-Phikwe, while authorities were contacted in Zimbabwe to confirm their identities.

Zimbabwe authorities subsequently arrived in Botswana, where they were able to positively identify the two detainees.

The two were then released for repatriation on Wednesday (6/10/10).

The prompt resolution of the incident is in keeping with what has been standard practice on the part of Botswana authorities in the context of joint cooperation arrangements with their Zimbabwe counterparts.  


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