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Zebras move up to 53 in the World, Africa's 2010 most improv...

The December FIFA World rankings were released this afternoon, placing Botswana 53 in the world, a new team record, and 12 in Africa. Having moved up 14 places from November, the Zebras were once more among the month's biggest gainers.

The latest, year end, rankings further confirm Botswana as Africa's most improved performer of 2010, having moved up a total of 65 places since January when the Zebras were ranked 118 in the world.

Botswana is also currently ranked 12 in the Confederation of African Football (CAF) Top 20 (see below)

The CAF's reigning champions, the Pharoahs of Egypt,  maintained their place in FIFA's global top 10, having moved up one place to 9th position, followed on the continent by Ghana (16th position), Cote d'Ivoire (21) Nigeria (32) and Algeria (35).

The ruffled Eagles of Tunisia, twice beaten by the Zebras, held on to 45th position, while South Africa dropped out of the top 50 to 51st position. Scotland was sandwiched between South Africa and Botswana in 52nd position.

World and European champions Spain ended the year as number one in the FIFA World rankings, while World Cup runners up The Netherlands are in second position, followed by Germany, Brazil and Argentina.

 TEAM                       World              Africa   
 Egypt                           09                   1   
 Ghana                          16                   2   
 Cote d'Ivoire                21                   3   
 Nigeria                         32                   4   
 Algeria                         35                   5   
 Cameroon                    37                   6   
 Gabon                          39                   7   
 Burkina Faso                41                   8   
 Tunisia                          45                   9   
 Guinea                          46                  10   
 South Africa                  51                  11   
 Botswana                      53                  12   
 Mali                              67                  13   
 Senegal                         70                  14   
 Benin                            71                  15   
 Libya                            72                  16   
 Cape Verde                  75                  17   
 Zambia                          76                 18   
 Morocco                       80                 20   




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