Local time: Wednesday, 29 January 2020 13:13:24hrs
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Office of the President (OP)
Workers free to return to Work

In the interest of clarity and public understanding, the Directorate of Public Service Management, on behalf of Government as the employer, wishes to confirm that all workers who have gone on strike, but now wish to return to work, are free to do so.

Any workers so wishing to exercise their Right to Return to Work need only to report to, and be registered at, their normal duty stations at the beginning of each working day.

We wish to here further confirm that as the strike is a legal labour action, all employees are free to return to their stations without question or reprimand.

In accordance with the "no pay no work rule", however, those returning will not be paid any days they were not on duty due to the strike; but they shall be paid from the date they have returned to work.

In this respect we wish to remind all workers that they should be registered as "present" at the beginning of each working day.

Thank you.


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