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QUESTION: To ask the Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration to confirm or deny that His Excellency the President enjoys dual citizenship being that of Botswana and the United Kingdom; if so, why; and if not, when did he denounce the British citizenship.

ANSWER: Madam Speaker, the citizenship of His Excellency The President is not in doubt.  He is a Motswana.  However, Madam Speaker, I remain amazed by the innuendo in the question contrary to Standing Order No. 38.1 (j).  Be that as it may, it ought to be well known to the experienced Hon. Member, if he did not allow himself to be blinded by his addiction to below the belt inquiry inconsistent with the politics of growth, development and progress, that being a Motswana does not allow you to hold the citizenship of any other country.  To impute that His Excellency The President is an outlaw without evidence is a very serious matter.  I HOLD THE Hon. Member of Parliament responsible for this and it is only he who can redeem himself and those whom he caused to so believe, not to mention the many loose canons, who have chosen to speak rather irresponsibly on this outside Parliament. I would like for it to be noted that there seems to be the tendency to preoccupy our political space with anything that bashes the Presidency from those in the opposition no matter who the President is. Let us get serious and address the real issues that Batswana would like us to. I thank you, Madam Speaker.

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