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Office of the President (OP)
Receipients of Botswana Honours and Awards

This afternoon His Excellency the President of the Republic of Botswana Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama, in accordance with the Botswana Honours Act Cap 03:06, conferred Honours and Awards on 27 distinguished individuals, including several collaborating couples, for their diverse services to the nation. Below please find a full list of this year's awards and awardees, with profiles -


The Presidential Order of Honour is awarded for efficient and devoted service to the Republic of Botswana

1) Patrick Kediretswe Balopi

Mr. Balopi is a teacher by profession, a politician, commercial farmer and a businessman. He served for twelve and half years as Executive Secretary of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party and for twenty years as an elected Member of Parliament for the Francistown Constituency. He also served for fourteen years in a number of Ministries as a Cabinet Minister after which he voluntarily retired from active politics. He was later to be invited to serve as the Speaker of the National Assembly where he chaired a number of Presidential Commissions, notably the Land Tenure Commission and The 2000 Presidential Commission of Inquiry into Sections 77, 78 & 79 of the Botswana Constitution, what is commonly known as "the Balopi Commission". He also chaired the SADC Parliamentary forum for two years. Mr. Balopi is currently engaged in commercial farming and serious business with his latest business project being the development of the state of the art, self catering Holiday Resort and Conference Centre in Kasane/Kazungula in the Chobe District under the name, Bridgetown Resort (Pty) Ltd. This concept has the potential to empower over 4000 citizens in the lucrative Tourism Industry.

2) MacDonald Mmolaatlou Seema

Mr. Seema rose through the ranks in the Public Service, from a very junior position of Clerk to the senior post of Deputy Permanent Secretary applying himself with distinction. Among the several positions he has held in Government include that of Deputy Accountant General, Administrative Secretary (MFDP), Deputy Director of Personnel (now DPSM). Mr. Seema is a self-built, diligent and multi-skilled person whose service is not only exemplary but pioneering as well. He helped build the Public Service structures and standards and is considered one of the key architects of the General Orders which include the Public Service Charter which have stood the test of time. Although he has not authored a book, Mr. Seema is a good source of information on the history of the Public Service of Botswana. Therefore, he is one of the few Batswana considered to have institutional memory on the historical development of the Public Service.

3) Ambrose Basipo Masalila

Mr. Masalila has worked for the Public Service of Botswana for a long time, in different capacities and in the various districts and ended his career as the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government. He is especially well known for his contribution towards building Local Government in Botswana and is internationally remembered for marrying international celebrities such as Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor as the District Commissioner in Kasane. Mr. Masalila is an active Politician, having been Assistant Minister and Member of Parliament until the last General Elections in 2009. Therefore, Mr. Masalila is one of the key Batswana considered to have institutional memory of the history of the development of Local Government in Botswana.

4) Benjamin Gaontebale Makobole

Mr. Makobole has been a career civil servant and a diplomat, having started his career as a District Officer, progressing to District Commissioner, to Undersecretary and to Permanent Secretary all in the then Ministry of Local Government and Lands from 1968 to 1978. He then served as Permanent Secretary in the then Ministry of Commerce and Industry from 1978 to 1981, when he retired from the Public Service. Mr. Makobole is credited for his contribution towards developing Local Government in Botswana where he spent most of his service career. He was appointed the High Commissioner of Botswana to Zimbabwe as a resident diplomat from 1994 to 1999 where he was also accredited to Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Lesotho and Swaziland. As High Commissioner to Zimbabwe, Mr. Makobole also served as the Deputy Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Dean-Africa Group and Dean-Commonwealth Group. He also contributed much of his quality time during and after his career serving the following Boards/Councils/Commissions/Committees; Botswana Housing Corporation, Botswana Development Corporation, Town & Country Planning, Gaborone Holiday Inn, Botswana Diamond Industries, National Development Bank, Botswana Meat Commission, Debswana diamond Company, Rural Industries Promotions, rural Development Council, Botswana Book Centre, Gaborone City Council - Valuation Court Member (Ex), National Licensing Authority (Ex), Presidential Commission of Inquiry into Sections 77, 78 & 79 of Botswana Constitution (The famous Balopi Commission) - 2000, Presidential Commission of Inquiry on Salaries and Conditions of Service of the President, Vice President, Ministers, MPs, Councillors, Members of House of Chiefs (The Dibotelo Commission) - 2007, SADC Election Observer Missions for Zimbabwe General Elections (2004) and Zimbabwe Presidential Elections (Re-Run 2008), Botswana Police Council (Ex), Botswana Democratic Party Electoral Board (current member), John Sisk (PTY) Ltd (Botswana) - HQ Dublin, Ireland (current member), Botswana Football Association - Football Appeal Fund (current), Anglican Schools Task force (current), Anglican Cathedral Parish Council (current).

5) Norman Seduma Moleboge

Mr. Moleboge has been a career policeman moving through the police ranks from Police Constable to the highest position of Commissioner of Police. He has been a member of high ranking security forum such as the National Security Intelligence Committee where his expertise in security matters was valuable. Mr. Moleboge has also been the Botswana High Commissioner to the Republic of Namibia, also accredited to Ghana and Angola on Non-Residential basis. He is the recipient of a number of Police Medals such as, Botswana Police Meritorious Service (BMP), Long Service and Good Conduct, Police Jubilee Service Medal (PJSM), Police Distinguished Service Order (DSO) as well as SARPCCO Founder Members Gold Medal. Mr. Moleboge has distinguished himself throughout his service, playing a crucial role in the development of Botswana Police Service thereby effectively contributing to its overall objective of "public protection and safety".


The Presidential Order of Meritorious Service (PMS) is an honour awarded to any person for actions or services benefiting Botswana or any community or organization therein in any particular field or sphere and for any acts or devotion to duty.

6) Bill Gates and Melinda Gates

Bill and Melinda Gates, through their Foundation The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has partnered with the Government of Botswana and The Merck Company Foundation to form The African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Partnerships (ACHAP). The objective of ACHAP is to support and enhance Botswana's response to the HIV and AIDS epidemic through a comprehensive approach to HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support. From 2001 to 2009, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and The Merck Company Foundation have together committed $106.5 million to the partnership, and in 2009 a further $60 million up until 2014. In addition to this, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation further committed $4.75 million towards providing computers and free internet access in 78 Public Libraries. So far eighteen 18 public Libraries have been provided with free internet service while arrangements are underway for the remaining.

7) The Merck Company Foundation, Richard T Clark, Chairman and CEO of Merck.

The African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Partnerships (ACHAP) is a public private development partnership involving The Merck Company Foundation, Botswana Government and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that was established to support and enhance Botswana's response to the HIV and AIDS epidemic through a comprehensive approach to HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support. From 2001 to 2009, The Merck Company Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have together committed $106.5 Million to the partnership, and in 2009 a further $60 million up until 2014. Merck, which operates as MSD outside of the US and Canada, is also donating its antiretroviral (ARV) medicines to Botswana's National ARV treatment program known as Masa for the duration of the partnership.

8) Bob and Sara Rothschild

Bob and Sara Rothschild, through their Foundation, The Rothschild Foundation, are building, two (2x) Libraries per annum over a ten (10) year period from 2007 to 2017 as a donation to The Government and people of Botswana. So far, a total of six (6) Libraries have been built and ground breaking has been done for the two (2) Libraries planned for this year. The Rothschild Foundation Libraries are special Libraries which incorporate the latest concept of community and cultural integration into Libraries as part development.

9) Tim and June Liversedge

Tim and June Liversedge are the two reputable film producers of the ROAR- Lions of the Kalahari (2000) which excited the world in 2004. They have contributed enormously to the worldwide understanding and appreciation of Botswana wildlife which forms a greater part of Botswana Tourism. Tim has been honoured with a Doctorate of Philosophy by the University of Orange Free State for his contribution to the ecology of Botswana and for subsequent production of the many films portraying Botswana and the behavior of its wildlife. Due to his wealth of knowledge about Botswana's wildlife, Tim was made the final judge at the world's top three wildlife and environmental film festivals in the UK and USA. He has completed thousands of hours of flight time predominately over the Makgadikgadi and Okavango regions of Botswana. Tim published the first in-depth study on Pel's Fishing Owl and presented a Paper at the 4th Pan African Congress in 1977. He undertook an independent study on flamingo ecology on the Makgadikgadi Pans. Tim has also worked with the Smithsonian Institution of Washington on a countrywide mammal survey of Botswana which discovered new mammals and provided new information and thousands of specimens.

10) Dereck and Beverly Joubert

Dereck and Beverly Joubert have represented Botswana internationally through explorers in residence society with the National Geographic Channel, the first Botswana representation ever. Their films are regularly seen on television around the world, bringing up Botswana's flora and fauna to 100 of millions of homes. They have won Emmys and other top international prizes and have worked tirelessly to promote conservation. Dereck and Beverly have received local and international awards for films and books that have showcased and promoted Botswana worldwide.

11) Steven G. Harpt

Steven Harpt is a former teacher and Head teacher in a number of schools in Botswana over the past 19 years. He started Bana-ba-metsi school at Sekonduko in the Okavango in 2000 with the objective to cater for the youth at risk, specifically primary school drop-outs. Bana-ba-metsi school combines academic instruction and practical work in order to teach the students "life skills" for their survival. The school has a maximum capacity of 50 students all of whom are in danger of being a burden to society if they are not rehabilitated. To date, 114 students have graduated from the school out of whom 28 are attending Junior Secondary School, 49 have completed Junior Secondary education and 4 have completed Senior Secondary education. Bana-ba-metsi is therefore a rehabilitation institution without which the students' life could be in the danger of being disrupted forever.

12) Alexander McCall Smith

Mr. Alexander McCall Smith is an author of over sixty books on a wide array of subjects among which is the award-winning series, "The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency" now a major television film by Academy Award-winning Director Anthony Minghella, Starring Jill Scott. The No.1 Ladies' detective which was filmed in Botswana, showcases Botswana characters and culture to the world. The comedy-drama ran for seven episodes on HBO, from March to May 2009. Mr. McCall Smith could not attend this important occasion as he is promoting Botswana in Sweden today (the 27th September, 2010), through a Book Fair which is organised around him.


The Presidential Certificate of Honour (P.C.H) is a certificate awarded for outstanding statesmanship.

13) Dr. Joseph Moeketsi Makhema, MB. Chb., F.R.C.P

Dr. Makhema is the Chief Executive of Botswana Harvard Aids Institute Partnership for HIV Research and Evaluation in Botswana from September 2009 to date. He has worked as a specialist Physician at Princess Marina Hospital from 1993 to 1997, Consultant Physician at Gaborone Private Hospital from 1997 to date, Senior Clinical Research Manager and Co-Director of Botswana-Havard School of Public Health AIDS Initiative Partnership (BHP) from 2003 to 2006 and as Project Director of BHP from 2006 to 2009. Dr Makhema has extensive experience in HIV and AIDS research in Botswana. He has contributed his quality time and expertise to the following Committees, Boards, Councils, the University of Botswana Council, the Dean's Planning Committee of the University of Botswana Medical School, Botswana Health Professions Council, Technical Advisory Council (Bristol Myers Squibb "Secure the Future"), Botswana National Youth Council, etc. He has written more than 20 Publications in various health issues mostly in HIV and AIDS in Botswana.

14) Lucretia Gaseinewe Koodibetse

Ms Lucretia Koodibetse has worked for more than 30 years in Botswana Health Care Services as, a bedside Nurse across the country, a Lecturer at the Institute of Health Sciences, a Quality System Auditor, a Performance Improvement Coordinator and a trainer for Palliative Care all in the Ministry of Health. Ms Koodibetse started off by offering voluntary services to Botswana Retired Nurses Society (BORNUS) in 2005 before she became the Programme Manager. The objective of BORNUS is to create conducive environment for home based care patients by empowering care givers with the necessary skills and the right attitudes for caring for the sick. Ms Koodibetse has helped develop the first Quality Manual at BORNUS. Amongst the Awards she has received for merticulus service include, Women of the year for outstanding community service by the American Board Association in 1999, the Florence Nightingale Award by the International Red Cross Society in 2003 and the Meritorious Award by the Nurses Association of Botswana in 2007.

15) Joyce Gainewe Andersen

Ms Andersen is a Woman activist, Human Rights activist and Environmental activist. She worked for the Public Service for a long time and retired as Coordinator of Women's Affairs Department. Ms Andersen is an active facilitator and trainer for Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). To her credit, are the numerous documents she has authored such as, the training of trainer's manual for Election observers and monitors, the training manual on how to write stories, the training manual for Community Based Organizations. Ms Andersen is a member of the various Boards and Associations including the Sir Seretse Khama Memorial Fund for People with Disabilities.

16) Roslyn Ross Tebele

Mr. Tebeles' passion for sports paved the way for him as a wellness promoter and gym instructor, professions he is still pursuing today, despite his age. Mr. Tebele instructs at some of the prominent gyms in Gaborone such as Gym Active, G/West Fitness Center, Superfit Gym, DTCB Gym etc. He also runs wellness days for many private and Government organizations such as DPSM, Botswana Police Service, Sports Council etc. He co-founded the "Association of parents and friends of people who are mentally retarded" in 1989. The Association later joined up with Special Olympics, an Association providing sporting activities to people with intellectual disabilities which he is still heading but is working on transferring skills to other people. Through this Association, Mr. Tebele led Botswana Special Olympics to World Games in the USA, Ireland and China from where the athlets brought home, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. For the 2007 Games in China, 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 3 Bronze were brought home. Preparations for the 2011 Greece World Games are underway and participation will be in Judo, Swimming and Athletics against 170 Countries.

17) Jeremiah Billy Gabaake

Mr. Gabaake is an educationist, having worked for 18 years in the various education fields namely, as a Teacher, Headmaster, Assistant Education Officer and Advisor to the Education Committee. He was an active member of the Botswana Teachers Union (BTU) and Botswana Civil Servants Association (BCSA) where he held high positions of Assistant Secretary General and Vice President respectively. Mr. Gabaake progressed through the hierarchy of the Public Service from Senior District Labour Officer to Head of the Training and Localisation Unit and to Undersecretary Ministry of Health. He then joined Botswana Telecommunication Services as Manager, Corporate Services and a Member of Parliament where he served as Chairman of the Law Reform Committee, Secretary of the Parliamentary House Committee and a member of the ACP-EU Joint Assembly in Brussels, Belgium. Amongst his other contributions include, the Chairmanship of the Advisory Committee of the Commonwealth Regional Health secretariat for Southern African States, Secretariat of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry regarding the shooting down of the Presidential jet over Angola in which was travelling Former President Masire, Headship of the Secretariat of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into Sections 77, 78 and 79 of the Constitution of Botswana, Board Member of Phutha-Dikobo Museum and Chairmanship of the Council of Elders, a Botswana Democratic Party political structure set up by His Excellency the President.

18) Andrew Sesinyi

Mr. Sesinyi is a retired Public Officer, Diplomat, Journalist and an Author. He is well known for his radio work and creative writing. He authored a number of books among them, Love on the Rocks (1991). Rassie (1992), Carjack (2000), Shadows of Birth (2010) and Goodbye to Power (2010). He served as Senior Private and Press Secretary for former President Mogae and as Director of Broadcasting Services as well as Deputy Permanent Secretary. Mr. Sesinyi has been the Secretary General of the Union of National Radio and Television Organizations of Africa (URTNA) in Dakar, Senegal where he managed continental broadcast networking and transformed the URTNA into the present day successful African Union of Broadcasters (AUB). He has contributed and continues to contribute his time generously as Master of Ceremonies at local and international gatherings including state banquets, Presidential receptions, national beauty pageants, state receptions etc. Mr. Sesinyi has recently joined one of the local Radio Stations part-time mainly to, "transfer skills and build capacity for the youth."

19) Michael Masheto

Mr. Masheto is a community builder and leader, having volunteered to mould bricks to construct the then only classroom at Moreomaoto Primary School. He therefore single handedly motivated Moreomaoto community to build the existing primary school in Moreomaoto from which a lot of children have and are continuing to graduate from. He also volunteered his time as chairperson of VDC from 1965 to 1968 where a number of projects were undertaken for the community.

20) Solomon Bame Monyame

Mr. Monyame is an Executive Producer, Producer, Song Writer and Musician who has performed as one or more of the above functions with ten (10) Artists, producing fifteen (15) Albums. In addition, Mr. Monyame is a presenter, having shown his talent at RB 2 Radio and Gabz fms' popular morning show, "Hot potato" with the late Lettie Gaelesiwe. He is a very creative and innovative person having started Botswana's first Commercial Music Production Studio "Mud hut", founded member of Botswana's 1st Pop Group "Tribal Monks", Started Record Label "Small House Records", launched Botswana's 1st all Girl band "Brown Sugar", founded member & Vice Chair of the "Press Council of Botswana" and established Botswana's First Local Music Content Catalogue. Mr. Monyame has been the Music Supervisor in the "Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency" which won the "Peabody Award" while the Music Score in which many Batswana Artists participated, was nominated for the "Emmy Award". He is the winner of a number of awards including, The Pan African Broadcasting Heritage and Achievement Award for Best Male Radio personality in Africa 2001 and Channel "O" Best Dance Song in Africa for "Banyana le Basimane" by Acid (Executive Producer). He contributes his time generally to projects of national interest e.g. he is Chairman of BOCCIM Media Sector, Chairman of Copyright Society of Botswana etc.

21) Bishy Mmusi

Mr. Mmusi is a reputable Journalist and News Reader who progressed through the hierarchy to become the Deputy Director in the then Department of Information and Broadcasting Services where he retired from the Public Service. He then joined Botswana Telecommunications Authority as Director of Broadcasting Regulatory and a member of the National Broadcasting Board as well. From Botswana Telecommunication Authority Mr. Mmusi joined Botswana Television and Radio Botswana as Broadcasting Advisor, ploughing back his valuable skills and experience he gained over the years in the Broadcasting Industry. Mr. Mmusi is considered one of the best news reader ever produced in Botswana.

22) Beata Botlhoko Kasale

Beata Kasale is a Woman Publisher, Consultant, Journalist and Human Rights Activist and Author. She authored a book called, The Treasure in the Garden Published by Heinemann, UK. She pioneered and co-founded the famous Newspaper, "The Voice", a weekly tabloid with a print run of between 32 000 and 35 000 copies making it the highest circulating newspaper in Botswana with offices in Gaborone and Francistown. She is an active consultant in the Media Industry having undertaken various consultancy work for various Donor Agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations such as; Facilitating the "Women in News Programme" for women in Botswana, Namibia and Zambia, training locals for the Washington DC based International Women's Media Foundation aimed at improving the quality of reporting health issues especially HIV/AIDS, conducted needs assessment for the study on reporting on HIV/AIDS in Botswana for PANOS Institute of Southern Africa, facilitated PEEPA Workshop on the training of Botswana journalist on reporting Privatization, compiled a report for the Ministry of Health on Alcohol and other Substance Abuse in the context of HIV/AIDS etc. Beata Kasale has also contributed her quality time and knowledge to; the Vision 2016 Awards Adjudicator as Chairpe rson, Publishers Forum as Interim Chairperson, The African Media Barometer Panel as member, International Editors Exchange Fellowship as member, Botswana Media Consultative Council (BMCC) as chairperson, Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) as member etc.

23) Eva Kerileng Mwila

Ms Mwila is a former sports person and is currently into sports administration. She is the former winner of 100m-200m Zonal and National Senior Girls Champion Athletics in Secondary Schools, 4x4 school and zonal girls relay and represented Botswana in Senior Girls 100m and 200m athletics competitions in secondary schools outside the country. She has been President of Botswana Netball Association and Executive Committee member of Botswana National Sports Council (BNSC). She lead Botswana Netball Association to All Africa Games as a Team Manager, represented Botswana Netball Congress in Singapore, Lead Senior National Netball Team to the Confederation Games in Malawi and is the current Secretary General of Confederation of Southern African Netball Associations (Zone VI), representing Botswana Netball Association. Ms Mwila has represented Botswana Youth at the United Nations Youth Conference in New York. She has served in the various departments of Barclays Bank of Botswana throughout the country and is current the Head of Business Banking North covering Francistown, Maun, Kasane, Selibe Phikwe and Central District Council. She contributes her time generously to community projects and to the corporate world as Board member of various organizations.

24) Ditshwele Kereng

Mr. Kereng is an Environmental Activist and a successful farmer. He is a member of the South East District Conservation Group and Sakutswane Conservation Group which he established. Some of his valuable contribution as an environmentalist include among others, initiating the restoration of A4HA Area at Sakutswane, encouraging Sakutswane community to conserve and manage renewable natural resources through sustainable use, initiating the rehabilitation of the degraded areas in the fields, sensitizing Sakutswane community on illegal entrance into private properties, initiating construction of Mmamenwe Dam as well as initiating the construction of Crush at Sakutswane.

25) Tsaxlae Martha Xao

Ms Xao is a woman leader and community builder from a less privileged community of Basarwa. She has generally contributed her time tirelessly and volunteered in the following committees e.g. VDC as Treasurer, Kuiku Community Trust as Secretary, Member of the Conservation Committee and a Member of the Land Board. She is the first Manager of Habitat for Humanity in Gantsi, she worked at Grootlagte Cooperative Society and at Perma Culture. Ms Xae is currently the Headman of Grootlagte Community and member of Ntlo ya Dikgosi from Gantsi effectively representing her people in a male dominated House.

26) Ndingo Johwa

Mr. Johwa is a well known producer and musician who has popularized traditional Ikalanga compositions and culture in the country through his music. He is also a businessman running an Ostrich Farm and a Construction Company. He recorded his first album called, Phondanyama which is a sacred name for ancestors, meaning to kill an animal by strangulation. This became a hit song. So far he has five albums to his name which all became top charts both locally and in the neighbouring Zimbabwe and South Africa. Mr. Johwa has been involved in some jazz festivals in Botswana and South Africa and in many charity shows, raising funds for AIDS campaigns and homeless children. His latest album, Batalaunda is a favourite hit to many people. Mr. Johwas' music is known as Ikajazz, meaning Ikalanga Jazz. It originates from the traditional Ikalanga folk music namely; Hoso, Iperu, Ndazula and Mkomoto. These are complimented by traditional dance movements which are a pleasure to watch when performed.

27) Nkuku Mme kebatenne Nthotse Morake

Mme Morake was born in 1910 in Makaleng. Her family moved to Tonota where she began her schooling at the London Missionary Society School (LMS). There were no subjects taught, but simply to read and write in Setswana. Through her membership of the LMS church, She learnt to read the Bible and taught bible studies "dikaelo" to young girls in the village. With her sewing machine, she ran business making men's trousers and repairing them. She also employed people in her field, paying them up to six bags of sorghum depending on their output. Like many Batswana at the time, she sustained her livelihood through arable and pastoral farming. She remains an active member of the UCCSA church today at 100 years. Asked what she would do if given her youth again, she said she would pursue modern knowledge and technology. She believes that parenthood today leaves a lot to be desired and is concerned that the term "abuse" has played a major part in undermining discipline and order in todays's

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