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Office of the President (OP)
Permanent Secretaries Retreat Ends/Resolutions

The Permanent Secretary to the President convened a retreat for Permanent Secretaries in Kang on January 27-29, 2011 to introspect on the progress made on the implementation of NDP10 and map the way forward to ensure effective delivery for the citizenry. 

The core objectives of the retreat were to:
Ò further strengthen the permanent secretaries’, forum for improved collaboration, coordination, alignment and integration for efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness;

Ò internalise the national agenda and come up with strategies for successful implementation;

Ò draw up an Action Plan for effective service delivery to the citizens;

The following key resolutions were made:
1. Rationalization of structures for effectiveness in delivery of services at both central and local government level are to be undertaken 2. Rationalization and effective management of human resources, improvement on supervision shall be undertaken as a matter of urgency 3. The roll out of e-government, which is a key leverage to transforming public service delivery and saving costs, shall be fast tracked 4. Value system and leadership be continually strengthened to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of services 5. Collaboration for improved coordination, alignment and integration shall be ensured, as this is the key to efficiency and resource optimization

Community service

Permanent secretaries while in Kang paid a visit to the Kgotla. They also made site visits to some of the projects in the area.  In advancing His Excellency the President’s call for community service, the Permanent Secretaries raised P11, 100 towards construction of a house for a needy family of Mr. and Mrs. Samaje of Kang in collaboration with the local authorities.

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