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Office of the President (OP)
OP Helps needy in Manxotai

Office of the President on the 17th of May 2011 participated at the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day held in Manxotai. This year, World Telecommunication and Information Society Day was marked under the theme "Better life in rural communities with ICTs", following up the theme for 2010: "Better city, better life with ICTs".  In a bid to drive our new vision "Connecting Government with every citizen every day", OP used this platform to showcase our services to the rural communities through departments such as Poverty Eradication, Appeals, Office of People With Disabilities, Broadcasting Services and Information Services.

ICTs are critical to meet the Millennium Development Goals. In the rural perspective ICTs provide enhanced opportunities to create income, combat poverty and illiteracy. World Telecommunication and Information Society Day helps to ensure that the benefits of ICTs reach the remotest corners as well as the most vulnerable communities.

As one of the stakeholders that participated during the WTISD, Office of the President through the Poverty Eradication drive donated 10 goats each to three destitute families namely Ms Kelebetse Gabankitse of Manxotai, Ms Tlhaloso Fio of Sepoka and Mr Shororo Tlhokaina from Maposa.  As part of the package the families were built a kraal and handed vaccines for small stock worth P 2000.00. 

As part of mainstreaming People With Disabilities in every sector of the economy, Office of the President donated two wheel chairs to two beneficiaries.


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