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Office of the President (OP)
No changes in Cabinet currently contemplated

This Office has noted that recently there has been a number of reports circulated through the private media suggesting that H.E. the President is contemplating either the reshuffling of Cabinet and/or the replacement of H.H. the Vice President.

While as a general practice this Office would wish to avoid commenting on such speculation, more especially when its authors have not made no known effort to confirm their conjectures, in light of the number of reports which have nonetheless appeared we wish to take this opportunity to observe that:

1) While it remains the constitutional prerogative of H.E. the President to make changes in his Cabinet whenever it is deemed appropriate, he currently has no intent of doing so; and

2) There is likewise no intent on the part of His Excellency to revoke the appointment of H.H. the Vice President, an appointment which, it may be noted, was overwhelmingly endorsed by Parliament only nine months ago.

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