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Message from President Khama for the 2012 President’s Day

Message from His Excellency the President, Lt. General Seretse Khama Ian Khama for the 2012 President’s Day Competitions

We have come to that time of year when we celebrate our creativity. Every year at this time we celebrate the visual and performing arts. These competitions demonstrate the diversity of Botswana’s cultural heritage. The President’s Day Competitions started in 2008 with the aim of empowering local artists as well as ensuring that the arts become recognised as a sector that can become a source of livelihood for our people and contribute meaningfully to the diversification of our economy.

 The regional competitions and final competitions have been a resounding success. The numbers of participants to the President’s Day Competitions have grown since its inception. The Competitions have registered 3274 participants in 2008, 5993 in 2009, 8245 in 2010, 12033 in 2011 and 12562 in 2012. This therefore is a sign that the strategy has been well received by both the artists and the public since they believe this is going to lift the standard of the arts in Botswana.

 It is my hope that Batswana artists have immensely benefitted from their creative energies through selling their products and services to the many tourists that travel to Botswana. I again hope that they have also established contacts for marketing purposes in the long term. It is only when we market our products and services far beyond our borders that people in faraway places may continue to enjoy and appreciate our culture through the arts.

 In this regard I invite you all to join me during the 2012 President’s Day Celebrations in recognising, celebrating and enjoying Botswana’s artistic creations. I congratulate all those who have won prizes this year and encourage others to strive to win in the coming years. Let us all support the arts and our artists because in doing so we will be investing in the future of our nation. PULA!

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