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H.E. the President's Comments on the Constitutionas containe...

In the context of the Hon. MP for Gaborone Central's the characterization of the above, as repeatedly communicated this morning on Gabz FM, below please find the relevant paragraphs reproduced in full. Note that there is no direct reference to "self seekers". Neither is the possibility of changing the Constitution dismissed.

State of the Nation 2010 on the Constitution

The Constitution

17.   Madam Speaker, democracy cannot exist in the absence of the rule
of law. In this country we are fortunate to have as our supreme law a Constitution that for nearly half a century has upheld both our human rights and responsibilities to one another. We should, therefore, exercise caution in heeding calls to alter the founding document that has been the guarantor of our enviable record of political stability and socio-economic progress.

18.   According to the international monitoring group Freedom House,
over two thirds of the countries listed as being "free", including Botswana, have constitutions similar to ours, in which the executive derives its mandate from Parliamentary election. About a third in the same category of nations practice first past the post constituency voting, with others employing a wide variety of alternatives. This is not to say that our fundamental laws can never be changed, if a clear domestic consensus for such change emerges. But, let us not be misled by empty or self-serving claims that any particular electoral system enjoys global recognition as being superior.


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